College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Program Pathways

Title IVE Three Year Pathway

The following list of courses and the semester in which the courses must be completed will guide enrollment to attain a Master of Social Work degree. Courses are required to be taken in the sequence listed.  Any variance from the Individual Learning Plan must be formally requested in writing and approved by the student’s Advisor and Department Chair. It is understood that any variance from the outlined ILP will create a minimum of a one-year delay in graduation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

First Year, Fall Semester

  • SW 501 - Diversity & Social Justice
  • SW 510 - Foundations of Social Work
  • SW 540 - Cross-Cultural Human Behavior in the Social Environment

First Year, Spring Semester

  • SW 531 - Generalist Practice III: Community and Organizational Practice
  • SW 550 - Social Work Research
  • SW 570 - Social Policy and Analysis
  • SW Elective - If not taken during summer or winter.

Summer (Optional): Depending on faculty availability

  • SW Elective

Second Year, Fall Semester

  • SW 520 - Social Work Generalist Practice: Individuals & Families
  • SW 564 - Trauma-Informed Practice
  • SW 596 - Field Practicum I (Monthly)

Winter (Optional): Depending on faculty availability

  • SW Elective

Second Year, Spring Semester

  • SW 530 - Social Work Generalist Practice: Groups
  • SW 598 - Field Practicum II 
  • SW 670 - Social Policy & Advocacy
  • SW 611 - Social Work with Children, Youth, & Families

Summer (Optional): Depending on faculty availability

  • SW Elective

Third Year, Fall Semester

  • SW 600 - Applied Social Work Research Project I
  • SW 696 - Advanced Field Practicum I
  • SW 620 - Advanced Generalist Practice: Engagement & Assessment

Winter (Optional): Depending on faculty availability

  • SW Elective

Third Year, Spring Semester

  • SW Elective 
  • SW 630 - Advanced Generalist Practice: Intervention & Evaluation
  • SW 698 - Advanced Field Practicum II 

MSW Electives

Students must complete a minimum of four electives.  Of those four electives; two, or up to three of the four electives can be Foundation electives.  At least one, or up to two of the four electives need to be an Advanced Practice elective.  Foundation electives are numbered in the 500s while Advanced Practice electives are numbered in the 600s.  A list of electives can be found below.  A total of 60 units are needed to graduate. 

Electives cannot be taken in the first semester.  Five hundred-level electives can be taken by any student after the first semester, six hundred level are advanced courses and may have pre-requisites that can be referenced in the Master of Social Work catalog. Bear in mind, that not all electives are taught every year, and new courses may be added.  It is important to plan your class schedule carefully. Some electives are taught in the winter or summer inter-sessions.

Enrolling or planning to enroll in an elective that is not listed below must be approved by the student’s advisor and the Title IV-E Coordinator.                   

Title IV-E scholarship recipients are required to complete the following electives:

  • SW 564 - Trauma Informed Practice (fall of the second year)
  • SW 611 - Social Work with Children, Youth, and Families (spring of the second year)

Title IV-E student may choose their other elective courses from the following list. Any of these will assist in preparing for a career in child welfare.  Electives can be chosen that best suit the interest and schedule availability.

  • SW 562 - Social Work with Latino Families
  • SW 566 - Crafting a Grant Proposal
  • SW 567 - Forensic Social Work
  • SW 597 - Special Topics – First Five Infant Family Mental Health
  • SW 660 - Substance Abuse Intervention
  • SW 663 - Crisis Intervention

Title IV-E students interested in moving into supervision or management might consider the following.

  • SW 561 Leadership and Administration
  • SW 566 Crafting a Grant Proposal