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Financial Aid Announcements

CSUMB has Financial Aid available for the summer. Different types of financial aid require a certain amount of units for the summer. Please read below the number of units a student needs to be enrolled in to qualify for certain types of financial aid for the summer. 

State University Grant is available if you enroll in at least 1 unit and meet the State University Grant criteria.

Scholarships are available if you enroll in at least 1 unit and meet the criteria established for summer. 

Year-Round Pell (also known as additional Pell), allows Pell eligible students up to 150% of their Pell eligibility for summer term, instead of the previous 100% maximum award. If you are a Pell-eligible student for the 2023-2024 academic year and are enrolled in at least 6 units for the upcoming summer term, you may be eligible for additional funds. If you have not utilized the full amount of your Pell Grant during the fall and spring, you could be eligible for an additional amount of Pell Grant without being enrolled in 6 units.

To qualify for student loan funds during the summer, you must be enrolled in at least six units if you are an undergraduate or teaching credential or four units if you are a graduate student. If you want to see your eligibility for student loan funds, please fill out the Online Loan Request for Revision form listed here. If you have any questions please contact the Financial Aid Office at

Contact Financial Aid

Phone: (831) 582-4074

Email: Send an email

Building: 5283 Sixth Avenue, Seaside, CA 93955

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.