College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Field Education

Practicum Instructor Criteria, Roles, and Responsibilities

The MSW Program requires the following qualifications when selecting practicum instructors:

  • MSW from an accredited school of Social Work; two years of experience post master’s degree; employed by the agency for a minimum of six months prior to becoming a Practicum Instructor
  • New Practicum Instructors are required to attend the Practicum Instructor Orientation to meet CSWE standards.
  • Ability to provide a minimum of 1.0 hours (s) of formalized, individual, face-to-face, regularly scheduled supervision each week. Assessment materials shall be prepared by the student and reviewed by the Practicum Instructor (i.e., process recordings, audio/videotapes, case presentations, projects, educational learning plans, etc.) on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide a comprehensive orientation to the agency and its services; provide ongoing orientation and in-service training regarding pertinent issues, including review of risk management policies and procedures, e.g. office and community safety, harassment, transporting of clients, medical precautions, etc.
  • Upholds the NASW Code of Ethics, identifies with the social work profession, demonstrates a strong commitment to social work values, and adheres to the laws that regulate social work practice.
  • Commitment of availability for the entire academic year Practicum instruction period (end of August through May) and the hours the students are in placement.
  • Being familiar with and following the policies and procedures set forth in the MSW Practicum Education Manual. Familiarity with the MSW Program's mission, goals, program, and curriculum objectives.
  • Attendance at the Annual Practicum Instructor Orientation Meeting (held in late August of each year) regarding school, program, and curriculum updates.
  • Potential for teaching as demonstrated in an ability to conceptualize theory and practice; implementing school curriculum with the student; ability to provide the necessary time to the student in planning, preparation, and review for student’s supervision; and an ability and willingness to evaluate the student’s performance on an on-going, consistent basis and in the required formal written evaluations.
  • Practicum Instructors will become familiar with and consistently use the respective Practicum education curriculum in developing clear expectations of student performance. Includes required course objectives and competencies, learning plans, process recordings, evaluations, agency site visits, etc. as outlined in the Practicum course syllabi.
  • Identifies individualized learning opportunities, clients, projects, and tasks within and outside the agency setting in line with the needs and the school’s curriculum and goals of the student. Has knowledge of the community and its resources.
  • Ongoing collaboration with the CSUMB Faculty Practicum Liaison to enhance the student’s educational experiences in the internship. Notifies and consults with the student’s assigned Faculty Practicum Liaison and/or MSW Practicum Education Coordinator of any changes and/or difficulties encountered in the placement experience.