Student Clubs and Organizations

Inter-Club Council (ICC)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Forming a Club

    How do I start a club?

    If you are interested in starting a club you must first attend a How To Start a Student Organization! Presentation. These presentations are offered periodically throughout the semester in the Student Center, East Lounge. For specific times and dates check the Inter-Club Council website or contact one of the Inter-Club Council Executive Board.

    What to put in a Constitution?

    Constitutions can contain the following elements:

    • Name of organization
    • Amendments
    • Discipline
    • Finances
    • Committees
    • Advisor(s)
    • Meetings
    • Selection of Officers
    • Officers
    • Mmemmbership
    • Governing Authority
    • Purpose of organization

    While these elements can be in a constitution, organizations have authority over what their constitution looks like. However, all are required to have statements of non-discrimination in their membership section.

    A sample constitution has been provided

  • Any questions regarding Funding and Funding Proposals can be sent to the ICC Treasurer at

    Funding Proposals

    A funding proposal must be done prior to any event request. For instructions on submitting a funding proposal, follow the instructions below. Every club is only allowed to request a certain amount of money per semester; the cap for each club is $600 per year. If you have any questions, please email

    Presentations can be in any format you’d like (Google Slides, Google Docs, Google spreadsheets, uploaded videos, handouts, etc.), but should be professional and well crafted.

    A template for a funding proposal and an example of a funding proposal has been provided.

    Also, be sure to be aware of the current ICC Funding Proposal Caps and mid-semester large proposal deadline (detailed in the ICC Financial Guidelines). For more questions about proposal caps and deadlines, email

    Submitting ICC Funding Proposals

    If a funding proposal is not tied to an event (i.e. chapter memberships, equipment purchases, swag) then no Community request is necessary.

    1. All planning for the event you are planning on hosting must be done prior to the funding proposal. We are looking for concrete numbers rather than estimation of prices. Any event submitted to community that requires ICC funding, will be rejected if a funding proposal has not been approved.

    2. Email the ICC Secretary ( to be placed on the agenda for the next Executive Board meeting. You will need to email the ICC Secretary by 12pm on the Friday before the executive board meeting at which you would like to propose.

    3. Access the ICC Funding Proposals Google Drive folder and upload your presentation documents into the Executive Board Proposals folder.

    5. To maintain consistency, the title of your presentation must be: “Club Name, Event Name, Event Date.” Additionally, all presentations must include the following information:

    • Club name
    • Contact information
    • Event name/time/date/location
    • Description of event
    • Event budget (be sure to itemize all costs)
    • Current club account balance (submit a club account balance request form if you are unaware of your current balance)
    • Amount requesting from ICC
    • Any other relevant information

    Should your event require disability accommodations, please consider including this in your funding proposal. If you have questions about quotes for these accommodations, please email

    Reviewing and Voting on ICC Funding Proposals

    1. Once a funding proposal has been voted on and passed by the Executive Board, the ICC Secretary will move the funding proposal into the appropriately dated folder.

    • Each folder corresponds to a specific ICC General Council meeting date for that academic year.

    2. Biweekly, following the ICC Executive Board meeting, the ICC PR Officer will send a newsletter to all ICC representatives including relevant information regarding ICC functions (attendance reports, upcoming training dates, event information, etc.). One essential component of these newsletters will be a reminder to review all the upcoming funding proposals in the appropriate folder.

    3. ICC Representatives will be responsible for viewing each proposal in the folder before the upcoming ICC General Council meeting.

    If there are questions about the proposal, they can be sent to the ICC Secretary ( Questions will be sent to the proposing organization and answered during the ICC General Council meeting.

    Voting will be conducted via the method agreed upon by the ICC General Council. Results will be recorded and published along with meeting minutes in Community.

    ICC Funding Proposal Rubric

    Although the ICC Executive Board is not using the rubric to determine funding eligibility, we will be using this rubric to determine how the event and funding proposal align with our mission statement

    ICC Funding Proposal Rubric

    Base Operating Funds

    Every Fall semester, each new club is allotted an agreed upon amount called base operating funds. Each new club will also be given the option to opt in or opt out of receiving these funds should they not need them. Failure to respond to the request to opt in or opt out of receiving base operating funds will be taken as the club opting out of these funds.

  • Any questions regarding event promotion can be sent to the ICC Public Relations Officer at

    Otter Be Involved

    You must submit a request to Otter Be Involved by emailing

    The following information is required:

    • Cost (if there is any)
    • Links
    • Images (optional)
    • 2-3 Sentence Blurb
    • Location
    • Date

    In addition, please let Otter Be Involved know when you would like to see the information included in Otter Be Involved. The email is sent every Monday to all students, staff and faculty. It is recommended is to request your information run for 2 weeks before your event and/or the registration/sign-up deadline.

    Flyers in Housing

    In order to post flyers in residential housing buildings, you must submit the flyers to the Main Campus Housing Office Front Desk and meet the following requirements:

    • Submit 16 Flyers to be posted in each hall and our office
    • Have the required notice regarding accommodations or questions with a point of contact
    • Have the logo or name of the organization

    After leaving the posters with the student assistants at the Housing front desk, they will be distributed and hung in the halls.


    Dashboard Messages

    The student dashboard is one of the most trafficked pages on the website. In order to have your events/club information added to the dashboard, email the ICC PR officer the following information:

    • Title of event
    • Date of event
    • Location of event
    • Description of the event with a point of contact
    • An image related to the event
      • 300 x 300 px reccomened
      • The image should contain little to no text (not an event flyer)

    Inter-Club Council Newsletter

    If you would like to make an announcement in the ICC Newsletter, please email prior to Friday at Noon to be added to that week's newsletter. Please be sure to include the following information:

    • Title of event
    • Date of event
    • Location of event
    • Description of the event with a point of contact
  • Email Delegations

    If you need access to a club email or your organization would like to create a club email, please fill out the Email Delegation Form. Once approved by the Inter-Club Council Advisor, you will be delegated access to your club's email.

    ICC Newsletter

    The Inter-Club Council Weekly Newsletter is sent out to organization Officers as designated on community. If you would like to stop receiving these emails, please remove yourself from any ICC-affiliated organizations on Community. If you need help doing this or have any questions, please contact