Student Clubs and Organizations


California State University, Monterey Bay recognizes 24 sports clubs and 82 student clubs! Being a part of a club offers an excellent way for you to meet others, expand an existing interest, experiment with new activities, or gain leadership experience.

By making the choice to be involved, we guarantee that your time at CSUMB will become more meaningful, productive, enjoyable, and you will enhance your learning outside of the classroom.

Our organizations are diverse and very active, so our campus offers countless ways for you to join a group! Clubs are open to all members of the CSUMB community and have many focuses, including specific academic, community service, cultural, hobby, greek letter, political/social action, recreation, religious, and sports.

Check out our club directory to find one or more that interest you!

Recognized Clubs Perks

  • access to reserve classrooms, conference rooms, and other venues on campus
  • multiple funding options if your club wants to run an event or activity
  • student and staff resources to help to run events on campus
students tabling at Otter Showcase 2017
picnic at Culture Shock festival 2017


Community is the database used at CSUMB to help recognized club track their activities, meetings, add new member, manager their officers, register a club and share documents.

Inter-Club Council

Inter-Club Council (ICC) is a committee of recognized clubs and organizations at CSUMB.

Sports Club Council

Sports Club Council is to serve the specific organizational, financial, and risk management needs of Sports Clubs.