Associated Students

About Us

Ottermedia is the school's streaming radio station by students for students. As a host, you are given creative freedom during your segment; you can conduct interviews, play instruments, engage in discussions, and or play your favorite music. Each segment is two hours and hosts have weekly shows running Monday-Saturday 10 AM to Midnight.

We are conveniently located in Wave Hall, the building in between Cypress and Willet Halls. We were first founded as a class and since then have grown.

Ottermedia is a collection of current CSUMB students. We are founded by individuals looking to make a change in radio broadcasting and are open to any and all individuals looking to be a part of our team.


Mission Statement

At Ottermedia, we are the voice of CSUMB for students, staff, and our local community. Our radio hosts will engage and learn the principles of radio broadcasting. We are here to encourage, to entertain and to promote our local artists. We strive to build a community through communication.


  1. Operating at professional standards.
  2. Listen to staff and student needs.
  3. Maintain relevancy.
  4. Maintain inclusivity and diversity in our broadcasting.