Associated Students

Executive Board

The Associated Students Executive Board is overseen by the AS President. This board is responsible for the oversight of the Associated Students Senate, University and CSU system-wide affairs, financial affairs, and the general well being of Associated Students at large. 

Headshot of Katie Scariot
Katie Scariot (She/They)
Associated Students President


Headshot of Ana Munoz

Ana Munoz (She/Her)
Vice President of University Affairs

Headshot of Daniella Francisco

Danielle Francisco (She/Her)
Vice President of Internal Affairs

Headshot of Adrian Villalpando

Adrian Villalpando (He/Him/His)
Vice President of Financial Affairs

Headshot of Kody Storms

Kody Storms (They/Xe/He)
Elections Commissioner

Associated Students of CSU Monterey Bay Logo

Vice President of External Affairs


Associated Students of CSU Monterey Bay Senate includes one representative from each college: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, College of Health and Human Services, and College of Science. AS Senate also includes three senators whose responsibilities focus on special campus initiatives including Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Affairs, and Community Affairs. 

Headshot of Caleb Robbins

Caleb Robbins
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Senator

Headshot of Cassie Rodriguez

Cassie Rodriguez (She/Her)
College of Education Senator

Ivan Headshot

Ivan Caballero (He/Him)
College of Health and Human Services Senator

Headshot of Jairo Gamez

Jairo Gamez (He/Him)
College of Science Senator

Headshot of Angel Ray

Angel Ray (She/Her)
Diversity and Inclusion Senator

Headshot photo of Carl Vizcarra, Basic Needs Senator

Carl Vizcarra (He/Him)
Basic Needs Senator


Headshot of Gabby Weedon

Gaby Weedon (She/Her)
Sustainability Senator

Associated Students of CSU Monterey Bay Logo
College of Business Senator

Associated Students Program Board

Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) serves and celebrates CSU Monterey Bay's diverse student population through co-curricular and social programming. ASPB strives to promote campus traditions, holistic wellness, and a positive sense of belonging as a means to enhancing the college experience.

Click here to learn more about upcoming programs put on by ASPB. If you have any questions or event ideas, please consider joining our general student body meetings or email us at

Headshot of Amber Dimassimo

Amber Dimassimo (She/Her)
Campus Programs Specialist

Headshot of Jayden Saechao

Jayden Saechao (He/Him)
Campus Programs Specialist

Headshot of Sam Ulloa

Sam Ulloa (She/Her)
Campus Programs Specialist

Headshot of Aaron Villarreal

Aaron Villarreal (He/Him)
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Headshot of Brendan Norris

Brendan Norris (He/Him)
Digital Content Specialist

Headshot of Gaby Tena-Jacobo

Gaby Tena-Jacobo (She/Her)
Digital Content Specialist