Associated Students


Unadultered Idiocy

10AM - 12PM

Join me as I rant about my one-sided relationship with my cat, discuss the most recent shows on my Netflix queue, and fantasize our inevitable submittance to some alien overlord, regularly interrupted by a few of my favorite Indie and Alternative artists.

The Indie Otter

12PM - 2PM

Tune in for an exploration of independent, alternative and radical music-new brands, new songs, new you!!

Hurly Burly

2PM - 4PM

Each week will feature a different theme!

Nerd Herd

4PM - 6PM

A talk show about anime, and music from my favorite shows.

Flash FM with DJ Cannoli

6PM - 8PM

Now if it's totally tubular, rad or awesome. It's on Flash FM!

Slice of the Monterey Bay with Lil' Rich

Alternative trance music, hits from the 70's!