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2024-2025 Associated Students Elections

Dear Associated Students Candidates,

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on starting the Elections process for running for our open positions in the Associated Students!

As the student government, our mission is to serve, represent, and empower the students of California State University, Monterey Bay. We represent our student body as the official student voice to constructively address and respond to student needs, issues, and concerns with other student organizations, university departments, faculty, and senior administrators.

One of our main goals is to serve as a resource for our fellow students and enhance their college experience by alleviating any barriers that may come across a student’s path. You have begun a very important journey here on campus, and I hope that during your time campaigning for our different leadership positions, you can forge everlasting relationships with your peers, staff, and faculty here on campus.

Please take the time to review the entire Elections Packet with a special note of the deadlines presented. The Elections Packet, the Code of Elections, and the AS Bylaws should be read fully and found online, along with the supplementary materials required for participating in the AS Elections, at Be sure to keep these deadlines and requirements in mind as you go through your campaigning process.

To ensure your success in your campaigning, I want to remind you to lead with honesty, compassion and with the best interest of students at the forefront of everything you do. The Elections Committee would like to thank you for your interest in running for an Associated Students officer position. We look forward to working with you as a candidate and commend you on your decision to make an impact as a student leader on our campus! We wish you the best of luck as we begin our Elections for the 2024-2025 year!

In Unity,

Katie Scariot & Ana Muñoz
2023-2024 Associated Students Presidents

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please reach out to the AS Elections Commissioner, Kody Storms at

Headshot of Katie Scariot


Headshot of Ana Munoz



Elections Packet & Information

View the Elections packet for more information on positions, candidacy requirements, and how to run for office. Elections packets are due February 16 2025 by 5:00 p.m. 

Elections Packet

Available Positions

Executive Board

  • AS President
  • VP Of Internal Affairs
  • VP of Financial Affairs
  • VP of University Affairs
  • VP of External Affairs    

Academic Senators

  • CAHSS Senator
  • College of Business Senator
  • College of Education Senator
  • CHSHS Senator
  • College of Science Senator 

Programmatic Senators  

  • Diversity & Inclusion Senator
  • Sustainability Senator
  • Basic Needs Senator

Elections Timeline

Date Item



11/27/23 - 2/15/23 

Candidate Information Tabling

Elections information available via tabling at Otter Student Union, Farmers Market, Otter Thursdays, and Social Media

Tabling and Social Media


AS Senate Meeting 

Updates for Start of Elections

Tanimura Library #1180


Elections Packet Due

Candidates must submit completed packets before 5pm, stamped upon receival 

Otter Student Union 304


Candidate Orientation

Elections Committee goes over elections and chance for candidates to ask questions 

Mandatory 2-3 PM

Closed to the Public

Otter Student Union 304


Candidates Mixer

Candidates have a chance to talk to the students

Mandatory 3-4PM

Open to the Public

Otter Student Union Ballroom


Campaigning Begins

Candidates may begin campaigning per the rules set by the Elections Committee and Governing Documents

Campus-Wide at 12:01am


Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot Released

Online by Email


AS Senate Meeting

Submit Sample Ballot and Note Candidate Mixer and Orientation

Tanimura Library #1180


First Debate 

Candidate Debate

OM Broadcast/Social Media/Otter Student Union Ballroom?


Follow-Up Debate

Candidates Address Further Questions for Final Time

OM Broadcast/Social Media/Otter Student Union Ballroom?



Candidate Speeches

OM Broadcast/Social Media/Otter Student Union Ballroom?


Expense Reports Due

Due 4:59 PM

Emailed to Elections Commissioner to be Dispersed to Committee

3/20/24 - 3/22/24

Election Days

Online Elections Open

Open 12:01am on 3/20 - Closed by 11:59pm on 3/22


Results Release Party

Public release of results, open to all

5-6 PM

Inter-Garrison Plaza


AS Senate Meeting

Elections officially closed/Review Election Results

Tanimura Library #1180


AS Senate Meeting 

Mandatory for Officers

Tanimura Library #1180


AS Senate Meeting

Mandatory for Officers

Tanimura Library #1180


AS Senate Meeting

Mandatory for Officers

Tanimura Library #1180


Transition Retreat Day 1




Transition Retreat Day 2




AS Senate


Tanimura Library #1180



Afternoon  (12pm-2pm)


Otter Student Union Ballroom