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WLC Tenured and tenure-track faculty

A School of World Languages and Cultures' Tenured and Tenure Track faculty member will serve as your faculty advisor while you are in our program, in addition to the academic advisor you work with through the Academic Advising Office. WLC Japanese and Spanish faculty advisors are assigned by the first letter of your last name. 
Christine Fernández Spanish, Building 504/2424 x3637 Campus Directory
Carolyn González, Spanish, Building 504/2427 x5551 Campus Directory |  
Rebecca Pozzi, Spanish, Building 504/2425 x4402 Campus Directory | DigitalCommons 
Yoshiko Saito-Abbott, Japanese, Building 504/2417 x3795 Campus Directory | DigitalCommons 
Shigeko Sekine, Chair, Japanese, Building 504/2420 x4308 Campus Directory |  LinkedIn
David Vila Diéguez, Spanish, Building 504/2423 x4069 Campus Directory |  DigitalCommons
Dustin Wright, Japanese, Building 504/2415 x4469 Campus Directory | Personal Website 

WLC Lecturers

Adrian Andrade, Spanish, CampusDirectory 
Marco Barbosa, Spanish, Building 504/2407 x5476 CampusDirectory
Darby Campbell, ASL, Building 504/2429 x4372 CampusDirectory  
Sara Cisneros, Spanish, Building 504/2431 x3071 CampusDirectory  
Marilu Flores, Spanish, Building 504/2431 x5553 CampusDirectory  
Jennifer Mott, ASL, Building 504/2429 x5552 CampusDirectory  
Tomoko Ogaki, Japanese, Building 504/2413 x3891 CampusDirectory  
Pablo Oliva, Spanish, Building 504/2409 x5481 CampusDirectory  
Ryoko Ohnishi, Japanese, Building 504/2416 x5469 CampusDirectory  
An Pham, Japanese, Building 504/2413 x5483 CampusDirectory  
Laura Saldana, Spanish, Building 504/2409 x5479 CampusDirectory  
Michele Santamaria, Italian, Building 504/2416 x5547 CampusDirectory  
Nanda Warren, ESL, Building 504/2407 x5477 CampusDirectory  

WLC Staff

Gus Leonard, Language Lab Coordinator, Building 504/2433 x4446 Campus Directory | Selected Works and About 
Stacey Malone, Administrative Coordinator, Building 504/2421 x4370 
Cynthia Tanabe, MBWLP Coordinator, Building 504/2411 x5482 

Campus-Wide Department Affiliates

Sharon Anderson is the Academic Advisor for Japanese Language and Culture.
Teresa Nieves Espinoza is the Academic Advisor for Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture.
Sarah Dahlen is the Librarian for majors in the School of World Languages and Cultures: Japanese Language and Culture, and Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture
[ ] is the Admissions Counselor for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Amy Whitson is the Graduation Counselor for JLC and SLHC majors and confirms that they have fulfilled all graduation requirements.

WLC Faculty Emeritus

WLC Faculty Emeritus 

Non-people information

WLC Faculty members have projects and grants in many areas, among them:

  • The Monterey Bay World Language Project or MBWLP (formerly MBFLP) has its home in WLC, and is sponsored through the California World Language Project (CWLP) as part of the California Subject Matter Projects (CSMP). The project provides professional development opportunities for tri-county language teachers and professionals.
  • The DigitalStream Conference from 1999-2008 and electronic Proceedings from 2005-2008 brought nearly 350 language technology education professionals to CSUMB each year to network and share ideas. Note, paperback issues are still available.

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