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CAHSS Basic Needs

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences is establishing a CAHSS Basic Needs Fund that would help support CAHSS students in need with small monetary awards that may make it easier to remain connected to the transformational experiences that are the hallmark of a CSUMB and CAHSS education. Basic needs, which include support around hunger, shelter, clothing, hygiene, and safe and consistent access to an internet signal, are real and pervasive struggles for many of our students on campus. We want to help.

Eligibility: Enrolled CAHSS majors who have applied for support through the common Basic Needs application through CARE and have remaining need not met by the CSUMB Basic Needs Initiative, are eligible regardless of academic standing or financial aid eligibility. Eligible CAHSS students identified through the common application will be referred to the CAHSS Office of the Dean for review and consideration of support. Students may be awarded more than once, depending on ongoing need and availability of funds. Typical awards will be in the $250 range.

Students: How to Apply

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The CAHSS Mission in Action

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, home to more than 180 faculty and staff serving nearly 2,000 students, is committed to building the knowledge and strengthening the skills that prove critical to positive and collaborative transformations of our local and global communities. Our programs incorporate experiential learning, like research and creative discovery and service learning, into student coursework at all levels of instruction. Students develop critical skills through hands-on experiences in the Arts, like mural design, cinematography, and digital sound recording. They learn how to examine contemporary and historical social and cultural phenomena through critical lenses in the Humanities, Languages and Cultures. And they engage social, political, and economic determinants of behaviors and understandings through quantitative and qualitative methods of the social sciences.

Our students’ outcomes are evident in their impact on the community and on our disciplines. CAHSS students publish their work in journals like Culture, Society, and Praxis, participate in Writers from the Edge, and present at national conferences and regional gatherings including the American Psychological Association and the Festival of Languages, Cultures, and Ideas. They screen their films at national festivals like South by Southwest SXSW and the Berlin Film Festival, and exhibit their original art in our gallery spaces on campus. CAHSS students publish poetry and other works of creative writing in the student-produced outlet, In The Ords, and perform original music and sound installations, including the ensemble work of Sharp Nine. They impact our communities through project-based learning like the Monterey Bay Justice Project, through speaker series that serve the public like the Social Justice Colloquium, and through creative community-engaged events like Dia de los Muertos.

These words in the CAHSS Mission – to imagine, to communicate, to collaborate, to create, and to transform – are words we truly live and work by.

CAHSS Mission

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences empowers students to critically examine their place in the world: to imagine, to communicate, to collaborate, to create, and to transform. Our graduates are engaged global citizens ready for the realities of the 21st century. They apply values, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to provide creative and socially responsible solutions for the future.