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Welcome to Spring 2021!

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The alumni of the psychology department are changing the world!

Emily Cordova

Emily Cordova (Spring 2020) accepted a fully funded offer to the University of Southern Mississippi's Clinical Psychology PhD program where she will study assessment and adolescent non-suicidal self-injury under the mentorship of Drs. Randy Arnau and Nora Charles. Congratulations Emily!

Kendall Whitney

Kendall Whitney, who graduated from the CSUMB Department of Psychology in 2018, accepted a fully funded offer to the University of Tulsa's Clinical Psychology PhD program where she will study psychological trauma under the mentorship of Dr. Joanne Davis. Congratulations Kendall!

Frederick Siglar

Frederick Siglar (Spring 2020) accepted a fully funded offer to Southern Illinois University's Child Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program where he will study pediatric psychology and behavioral sleep medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Karla Fehr. Congratulations Frederick!

Sarahi Mariaca Diaz

Sarahi Mariaca Diaz (Spring 2020) received an honorable mention for the 2020 California State University, Monterey Bay "Ethnic Studies Research Paper Award." The title of her paper is "The Stress and Mental and Emotional Health of Undocumented Students". Congratulations Sarahi!

Amanda Hansen

Amanda Hansen (Spring 2020) accepted a fully funded offer to Kent State University's Clinical Psychology PhD program where she will study clinical psychological assessment under the mentorship of Dr. Yossef Ben-Porath. She has also been selected as the recipient of the 2020 Provost's Award for Exemplary Academic Achievement. Congratulations Amanda!

Ericka Sanchez

Ericka Sanchez, who graduated from the the CSUMB Department of Psychology in 2018, has accepted an offer to California State University, Monterey Bay’s Masters of Social Work (MSW) program. Ericka aspires to work with children and adults living with developmental disabilities. Congratulations Ericka!

Tamera Neor

Tamera Neor (B.A. 2019) was accepted into the Master's in Social Work program at UC Berkeley. She will concentrate on strengthening youth and families. Ms. Neor will be a Title IV-E Scholar at UC Berkeley and upon her graduation will dedicate two years to serving the people of California, with a focus on communities in Oakland, Richmond, and surrounding cities. She will focus on the foster care system as well as the public school system. Congratulations Tamera!

Molly Machado

Molly Machado (B.A. 2019) accepted a position right after her graduation as Behavior Change Manager at The Geo Group in Salinas. She worked with clients on probation and parole to develop re-entry treatment plans using evidence-based practices. In 2020, Ms. Machado became the Contracts Compliance Coordinator at the Coalition of Homeless Services Providers in Seaside. Her company is the lead Continuum of Care Agency for Monterey and San Benito Counties. In summer 2020 she will apply to Masters of Public Administration programs to continue her undergraduate research on people who are homeless and society's attitudes towards them. Congratulations Molly!

Juan Pacheco

Juan Pacheco Marcial (Spring 2020) accepted an offer to the University of California, Santa Barbara's Chicana and Chicano Studies Ph.D. program where he will study social movements and undocumented communities under the mentorship of Dr. Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval. He has also been selected as the 2020 recipient of the CSUMB Alumni Vision Award. Congratulations Juan!

Selena Velasquez (Spring 2020) accepted an offer to the University of Arizona's Higher Education M.A. program where she aspires to conduct future research on the well-being of college students with focuses on mental health and faculty mentorship. She has been selected as a recipient of a 2020 Outstanding Future Alumni Award, the CSU Sally Casanova PreDoctoral Scholarship, and the CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement. Congratulations Selena!

Selena Velasquez

CSUMB PSY Student Earns Recognition at the 34th Annual California State University Student Research Competition

Selina Espinosa

Psychology student Selina Espinoza placed second in the Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Science session at this year's CSU-wide Student Research Competition. Selina's work titled "Cannabis Use and Perceptions Among Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" was conducted with researchers at the Colorado University Center for Health and Neuroscience, Genes, and Environment (CU Change) lab, at University of Colorado (CU) Boulder. Her CSUMB faculty mentor is Dr. Jennifer Lovell. The research characterized user profiles and perceptions of cannabis among military veterans with and without post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) living in states with legal medicinal and/or recreational adult-use cannabis. Congratulations Selina!

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