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PSY Summer 2023 "Sneak Peek"

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The following courses will be offered for enrollment for the 2023 Summer term. For more information about enrollment and scholarships (April 14 deadline!) check out CSUMB's Summer Program page. ICYMI: Summer registration starts April 13th!

Course # Course Title Modality
300 Career Preparation for Psychology Majors Virtual
301 Advanced Psychological Statistics Hybrid
302 Advanced Research Methods Virtual
305 Psychology Testing & Measurement Virtual
320 Psychopathology Virtual
321 Clinical & Counseling Psychology Virtual
340 Developmental Psychology Virtual
347 Social & Emotional Development Virtual
348 How to Love Virtual
352 Theories of Personality Virtual
400 Psychology Capstone Virtual


Our Amazing Alumni!

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Current Psychology Related Research

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Interested in PSY related research having to do with current events? Check out our new "Current PSY Research" page where we link to articles and commentaries on current events from a Psychological perspective.

PSY student wins at 36th Annual CSU Student Research Competition!

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Nevan Bell (Dr. Jennifer Lovell)

Campus Policing and How to Improve Sense of Safety

FIRST PLACE WINNER @ the 2022 CSU Research Competition!

Session 14: Behavioral, Social Sciences and Public Administration

Apply for Scholarships here!

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The scholarships listed here are offered by various colleges, departments, and community members. Click on the link below to learn more about these opportunities.

Applying to Graduate School?

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If you are, take a look at Dr. Burchett's helpful website detailing the ins and out of program selection, application, and preparation. Dr. Burchett even lists out opportunities to conduct research through a variety of summer internships and trainings. The website also provides information on psychology-related career paths that you might have not thought of... take a look!

Psychology CSUMB Participant Pool

Want to take part in research? Log in to SONA for research opportunities.

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