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Each term, the CSUMB Capstone Festival celebrates the culminating projects of graduating seniors and master’s students as they present their work in sessions held by each of our CSUMB academic programs. These projects reflect the synthesis of knowledge, skills, and abilities developed over the course of a student’s learning experience at CSUMB. They include oral presentations, original poetry, oral histories, installation art, murals, photography, performances, research presentations, online teaching and learning, tabletop exhibits, films and videos, multimedia works, computer visualizations, and more. Below are links to Capstones in the School of World Languages and Cultures over the years. WLC traditionally offers the Capstone course (WLC 400) and holds the Capstone Festival during the spring term.

2024 Capstone Festival

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When: Friday, May 17, 2024, Time TBD

Where: CAHSS Building 504, Room 1301 / 1302

Students will present their work in presentation format, and will take questions following each presentation. The presentation event will also be streamed on Zoom and Facebook Live