Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Present or Publish Your Research or Creative Activity

Present or Publish Your Research or Creative Activity

  • CSU Research Competition, hosted by a CSU campus every spring

  • CSUMB has a variety of campus-wide events, including the Spring Showcase, Fall Showcase, and Summer Symposium where you can present your research, scholarship or creative activity.

As part of professional development opportunities, undergraduate researchers are encouraged to attend conferences to present research, meet potential graduate school mentors, and network with researchers from across the country.

  • Poster Presentation: a visual summary of your work that you present to conference attendees during an open poster session.
  • Oral Presentation or Conference Talk: a formal presentation of your work to a conference audience. Typically range from 10-15 minutes to an hour.
  • Other Presentation Formats: Some disciplines use round tables, panels, demonstrations, or other formats for showcasing their scholarship. If Posters and Oral presentations aren't common in your field, talk to a mentor in your discipline to be sure what presentation format is right for your project.