Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Become a UROC Mentor

A subset of UROC sponsored research opportunities require that prospective Research Mentors be approved by their home institutions prior to serving in this role.

  1. First, confirm that the program within which you'd like to become a mentor is not listed below.
  2. If so, please follow the procedures outlined there.
  3. If the program is not listed below or you are unsure, please complete the Mentor Intake Form and submit it to Jessica Bautista.

Mentor Intake Form

Questions about this document? Contact Jessica Bautista.

MLML Research Mentor Approval Process

Prospective Graduate Student Research Mentors must have approved and signed Research Mentor Approval and Mentor Intake Forms (both below) submitted to UROC.

MLML-UROC Mentor Approval Form

  • Signatures from your Advisor(s), the MLML Health & Safety Officer, and the MLML Faculty Chair or Director are required. Plan accordingly.
  • Appendix 1: Procedures and Protocols
  • Appendix 2: Training Plan
  • Appendix 3: MLML Equipment, Supplies, or Other Facility Resources

MLML-UROC Mentor Intake Form

The information included on this form will be used to create Project Descriptions that will be advertised to eager CSUMB undergraduate applicants. (Please review MLML-UROC Project Descriptions for examples of what CSUMB students will use to decide which projects they would like to participate in.)

When all signatures and amendments (if applicable) are complete, please submit both these forms directly to UROC via Jessica Bautista.

Questions about the program or application process? Review the information below or contact Jessica Bautista.