Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Become a UROC Mentor

Please provide a complete description of the research project and qualifications desired in an UROC applicant. Provide as much information as possible as this information will be used to generate Project Descriptions that will be advertised on Student Opportunities Center (SOC) platform, https://www.studentopportunitycenter.com/.

These Project Descriptions will be the basis by which applicants decide what opportunities they would like to apply to. SOC is a platform that connects undergraduate researchers to tens of thousands of student conferences, student journals, and undergrad research and fellowship/funding opportunities. By having UROC Research Opportunities listed on SOC, only those who create a profile with a CSUMB email address will be able to view the research opportunity, students from other campuses WILL NOT be able to view the opportunities.   

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that addresses a specific research question, utilizes appropriate research methodologies, adheres to the standards of the discipline, and results in the dissemination of findings.

Project Intake Form

MLML Research Mentor Approval Process

Prospective Graduate Student Research Mentors must have approved and signed Research Mentor Approval and Project Intake Google Form submitted to UROC.

MLML-UROC Mentor Approval Form

  • Signatures from your Advisor(s), the MLML Health & Safety Officer, and the MLML Faculty Chair or Director are required. Plan accordingly.
  • Appendix 1: Procedures and Protocols
  • Appendix 2: Training Plan
  • Appendix 3: MLML Equipment, Supplies, or Other Facility Resources

When all signatures and amendments (if applicable) are complete, please submit both these forms directly to UROC via Jessica Bautista.

Questions about the program or application process? Review the information below or contact Jessica Bautista.