Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC) at California State University, Monterey Bay! UROC engages students of all majors in undergraduate research to build students’ educational ownership, intellectual vibrancy, and scholarly identity. We achieve this through mentored undergraduate research; rigorous, authentic, and calibrated scholarly activities; and the development of social capital.

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Consultations full? Attend our virtual drop-in consultations on Wednesdays, 1pm-2pm. Zoom link on our workshops calendar.

UROC Scholars stand next to their poster at the 2019 Summer Symposium
UROC Scholars presenting their research at the Summer Symposium
UROC Researchers stand with Dr. Jennifer Lovell at the 2019 Fall Showcase
Students stand with their mentor Dr. Lovell at the Fall Showcase
UROC Scholars and Researchers group photo at the 2019 SACNAS Conference
UROC Researchers and Scholars at the 2019 SACNAS Conference in Hawaii


"As a transfer student, the UROC community has been incredibly welcoming! Being accepted into the LSAMP program through UROC will allow me to gain meaningful experiences prior to committing to a graduate degree program so I can be more confident about my future decisions." - Annabelle McCarthy, UROC LSAMP Researcher

"Mentoring undergraduate researchers has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a professor. It is a privilege to work with such engaged young scholars and to see their intellectual curiosity flourish." - Dr. Sam Robinson, Associate Professor for School of Humanities and Communication

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Are you a student interested in attending a virtual conference this year?

UROC Travel Awards are available to CSUMB undergraduates who seek to participate in a virtual conference this year. Conferences are excellent opportunities for students to continue strengthening their research dissemination skills, meet other like-minded students, network with field experts and faculty from across the country, participate in professional development opportunities, and have fun.

If students are interested in attending a virtual conference this school year, visit our Travel Awards page for more details.

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