Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Koret Scholars Program

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About the UROC Koret Scholars Program

The Koret Scholars program offers CSUMB undergraduates an opportunity to be engaged in robust interdisciplinary social science research facilitated by CSUMB faculty mentors, with a goal to disseminate research regionally and nationally at conferences. Find out more about the Bay Area Koret Foundation mission and the gift to CSUMB.

The UROC Koret Scholars Program provides:

  • funded undergraduate research opportunities in the social sciences.
  • support systems for individually mentored undergraduate research.
  • support for the development of students' written communication skills and graduate school preparedness, including writing support for nationally competitive scholarship and fellowships.
  • a cohort model with shared interests and professional goals who progress through the Koret Program together.
  • the ability to be part of a Bay Area network and Koret Scholar community.

Becoming a Koret Scholar

To be part of the Koret Scholars Program and be considered for funding, students must:

  • Be a matriculated student at CSUMB.
  • A U.S. citizen.
  • Have at least a minimum 2.75 GPA.
  • Be a first generation student (preferred, not required).
  • Must be committed to academic research for the academic year.
  • Must conduct academic research in the social sciences.

Current Koret Scholars

  • Paula Beltran, Collaborative Health and Human Services. Research Mentor: Stephanie McMurtrie, Lecturer, Health, Human Services and Public Policy
  • Jennifer Berberian, Collaborative Health and Human Services. Research Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Lopez-Littleton, Associate Professor, Health, Human Services and Public Policy
  • Megan Dearie, Psychology. Research Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Dyer-Seymour, Professor, Psychology
  • Michael Haidar, Computer Science & Psychology. Researcher Mentor: Glenn Bruns, Associate Professor, School of Computing & Design
  • Erika Hernandez-Gonzalez, Business Administration. Researcher Mentor: Dr. Jenny Lin, Associate Professor, School of Business
  • Jennifer Lopez, Psychology. Researcher Mentor: Dr. Chrissy Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Service Learning Institute
  • Korina McKinley, Psychology; minor Social Work. Research Mentor: Dr. Chrissy Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Service Learning Institute
  • Monica Urias, Environmental Science, Technology and Policy. Research Mentor: Dr. Victoria Derr, Associate Professor, Applied Environmental Science
  • Hana Jacinto (Inaugural Cohort), Japanese Language & Culture and Psychology minor. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shigeko Sekine, Professor, School of World Languages & Cultures