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Research Rookies Program

9 Tasks, 1 Semester, 1 Amazing Introductory Research Experience

The Research Rookies program is an opportunity for students with little or no research experience to learn what research looks like in their majors and on the CSUMB campus. This program is perfect for students at any level who are motivated to get involved in research but just don't know where to start!

Along the way, Rookies will be able to meet current UROCers doing research, talk to faculty about their experiences in research, explore what research looks like in your field, and much more. Participants can meet all the interesting requirements of the program at their own pace within the one semester time frame and according to their own interests. This program will provide you with the tools you need to be successful in starting either the UROC Researchers or Scholars programs.

What do I have to do?

There are nine required activities that you must complete in order to finish the program. There are many optional activities that you can complete as well if you would like some additional training and experience. Some examples of the activities you will complete are:

  • Meeting with current UROC researchers and scholars
  • Looking for research opportunities that interest you
    • Reading a research article
    • Participating in a Citizen Science project

    Getting Started

    Research Rookies is a self-paced, zero unit course taught through iLearn. Any current iLearn user can self-enroll in the program by following the iLearn link below. You will have one semester to complete the program.

    Research Rookies iLearn Access

    Next Steps

    Once you have signed up in the iLearn course you will need to complete all nine of the required activities. These activities are designed to introduce you to the world of Undergraduate Research, and connect you with other student researchers and CSUMB faculty. If you plan to apply to the UROC Researchers or Scholars programs after completing the Research Rookies program, we also suggest that you also complete at least three of the optional activities. The optional activities are open to anyone, and you can complete them even if you do not plan to apply to other UROC programs. However, these activities are designed to help you dive a little deeper into undergraduate research to help prepare you even further for the Researcher or Scholars programs.

    After completing the nine required activities, make a UROC consultation to come speak with our staff about your next steps for getting involved in research and to receive your certificate of completion.

    Make a Research Rookies Consultation

    Frequently Asked Questions

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