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Evaluating Your Research Communication

Evaluation is key when determining the effectiveness of your communication plan and finding out whether your message was received. Knowing how effective your communication plan was, will enable you to fix areas that need improvement.

Benefits of Evaluating Your Communication

  1. Evaluation improves the effectiveness of communication by knowing what the audience did or did not understand and allowing for revision for the next presentation 

  2. Evaluation helps you collect valuable information that can be used to adjust to varied situations, like different audiences. You may find that you'll have to change your strategies and tactics depending on the situation. 

  3. Evaluation helps you allocate resources wisely, meaning it can help your communication investments be redistributed to achieve the results you are aspiring for. I may also reveal that you need to:

    1. Practice your presentation more 

    2. Don't wait until the last minute 

    3. Spend time wisely 

    4. Use your teachers, professors etc. 

    5. Accept and adhere to what is said 



Below is the UROC Evaluation Rubric which explains in heavy detail what an effective presentation looks like verses what an ineffective presentation looks like.