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What is Research Communication?

"The ability to interpret or translate complex research findings into language, format, and context that non experts understand" (IDS 2011).

Research Communication

Research: Discovering new knowledge

What is research

Communication: The exchange of information

What is communciation

Research Dissemination vs. Research Communication: What is the difference?

Research Dissemination Research Communication
Making information accessible Including all aspects of research dissemination
Sharing research products via the internet, journals, and presentations Tailoring the message for a variety of audiences

Research communication incorporates the dissemination process but doesn't stop there! The process of tailoring your message for your audience is the hallmark of effective research communication.

Why should Research Communication matter..

To you:

  • Professional development

  • Improved communication skills

  • experiencing the real world of researching as well as presenting 

To the general public:

  • Improve the quality of life

  • Help with miscommunication and misconceptions

  • Increase interest and participation in the research field especially in the underrepresented social groups

To the research community:

  • Increase knowledge and further implement research in the future

  • Strong impacts in the research and science fields

  • Lead to new collaborations

The 7 C's of Communication

A checklist for communication:

The C The Meaning
Clear Making message easy to percieve
Concise Keeping it brief
Concrete Solidifying depiction of what you are communicating 
Correct  Presenting error free information
Coherent  Making information logical
Complete Presenting all the information
Courteous Keeping an open, honest and friendly communication pattern