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About the Researcher Program

The UROC Researcher provides students opportunities to engage in paid research placements at any time during their undergraduate careers. The program supports CSUMB students from diverse social, economic, and educational backgrounds pursuing the intellectual, academic, and professional benefits related to engagement in undergraduate research.

UROC Researchers apply each semester to receive funding to support their engagement in undergraduate research. First time applicants submit a full UROC Researcher application; students continuing their research for subsequent semesters submit Continuing UROC Researcher applications. See the Application Access & Deadlines webpage for when to submit your application.

The UROC Researcher program is open to students of all majors.

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Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria

Application Access & Deadlines

Research Mentor Qualifications

Continuing UROC Researcher Project Update: Application Components & FAQ


  • Engagement with research mentors from within the CSUMB faculty or the Monterey Bay region.
  • Funding for research hours conducted
    • Up to 100 hours of paid research work over the course of a semester for academic year Researchers.
      • Funding for up to 300 hours of paid research work over the course of a summer for summer Researchers.
      • Students may be supported as a UROC Researcher for a total of 3 academic terms (fall, spring, or summer)
  • Individualized guidance towards research and graduate school goals.
  • Opportunities to present research products at campus and national research presentation events.
  • Access to additional research, travel, and scholarship opportunities through programs like CSU-LSAMP.
  • Guidance on components of graduate school, fellowship, and research applications.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

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