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The first step in taking charge of your academic development begins by utilizing the various academic success resources below and attending events that may suit your needs. Click on the links to access workshop dates! UROC workshops open to all CSUMB students.

Workshop/Info Session Description
Finding Summer Research Experiences Want to do research or creative activity this summer? This page provides insight and search strategies to help you find your summer research and creative activity opportunities, plus get you started on crafting a strong application package.
Academic Resume & CV Learn how to craft strong, professional resumes and CVs that will help your research application stand out and reach your audience effectively.
Statement of Purpose Learn the key elements of the Personal Statement (a.k.a. Statement of Purpose) and arm yourself with effective strategies that will help you craft a winning statement.
Professional Email Communication  Writing professional email takes skill and attention to detail. This page gives you tips and tricks on how to effectively communicate with professionals. Learn tips and strategies to consider before clicking SEND!
Poster Design and Presentation This two-part workshop covers essential elements for winning poster design as well as a later review session that allows participants to get feedback on individual posters.
Graduate School 101 Everything you need to know about grad schools, their benefits, and how to apply.
Moss Landing Marine Labs UROC Summer Research Program Find out about the research opportunities in Marine Science at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.
Graduate Research Fellowship Program Information about the GRFP, its benefits, requirements, and recommendations for a successful application.
California Pre-Doctoral Program The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the pool of potential faculty by supporting the doctoral aspirations of California State University (CSU) students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages. The program places a special emphasis on increasing the number of CSU students who enter doctoral programs at one of the University of California (UC) institutions.
CSU Research Competition The CSU Student Research Competition is held each spring to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity by recognizing outstanding student accomplishments across the 23 CSU campuses.
FolioLab Want to stand out and be a competitive candidate? This session will explore how to digitally showcase your professional accomplishments. Sample CSUMB undergraduate UROC research and scholar e-portfolios will be shared as well as design templates.
Letters of Recommendation The letters of recommendation is a key component of any application. This workshop will help you think strategically about selecting, approaching, and collaborating with your reference writers to get the best competitive recommendation possible. 
MBARI Summer Internship Program The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute's Summer Internship Program provides an opportunity for talented college students (undergraduate or graduate) and educators to come to MBARI for a period of 10 weeks to work on a specific project under MBARI staff supervision. 
Demystifying Research Have you seen those research posters around campus and ever wondered about them? Did you know that it's likely that a student, like you, created it? Join us as we demystify research and have students explain their posters, the development process, and how to read them. 
Speaker Series First Thursday of the month, UROC will host a special guest to share their personal and academic journey. 

AAAS Science Career Resource Booklets

Thinking about a career in science? Visit the Science AAAS website to learn about topics ranging from career trends, developing your skills to what sort of graduate school experience you might be interested in.