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Present or Publish Your Research or Creative Activity

Delivering an Effective Oral Presentation

The day is here and you are nervous! Remember that you can do this. When in doubt remember these steps and it will help you through your presentation!

  • Use good posture
  • Remember to make eye contact (If that scares you, select three point on the back wall of the room and scan there)
  • Use a strong, confident voice so that everyone can hear the wonderful information you have to share
  • Try not to read off your notes, because you practiced you shouldn't need them but for talking points
  • Remember TO BREATHE!
  • Drink water when you need to pause
  • Relax

Handling Questions

After you present, thank the audience and, ask if anyone has any questions for you. Worried? Don't fret, here are some tips:

  • Repeat each question so the audience can hear what was asked ( this reduces the chances of getting a repeated question)
  • Avoid spending too much time on one discussion
  • Be respectful

If you cannot answer the questions say something like:

  • That's a great question, I'll do some research and get back to you 
  • Suggest a resource that could help address the question
  • Ask for the audiences input

For more tips and resources and how to prepare an oral presentation and also how to deliver an effective presentation use these links below: