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How to Withdraw


Circumstances can arise after the end of the schedule adjustment period that may impede your ability to complete your coursework. In these cases, you may be able to submit a Request for Withdrawal from some or all of your courses. Before you begin the petition process, we encourage you to first seek assistance from campus and community resources for students who are struggling academically and personally. Some of these resources include:

You also need to discuss what implications withdrawing may have with these offices (as appropriate):

Our hope is that by reaching out to these support systems, you will be ready to persist and succeed in all of your coursework. But, if you are still considering withdrawing from some or all of your classes, you should know that the submission of a withdrawal petition does not guarantee its approval. The process outlined below includes the categories of approvable reasons, so long as appropriate documentation is also provided. We’ve also included a list of reasons that will not meet the standard of “serious and compelling” for the purposes of withdrawal. Requests submitted without supporting documentation will be denied without review, and please know that extraordinary care is taken by our offices to ensure the protection of your privacy with regard to your documentation.

Request to Withdraw Form

Request to withdraw form
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