University College

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the curriculum?

In August 2017, a revised executive order on general education was released by the CSU Chancellor's Office. The faculty of CSUMB responded by taking the opportunity to reflect on our traditions and values, developing a vision for the future in our entire curriculum.

Who is my advisor?

Please check the advising page.

Are continuing students required to fulfill previous language requirements?

Students who stay in the catalog currently listed on their Academic Requirements Report will have to complete all of the requirements of that catalog, Students who change to or start in the Fall 2019 catalog will use the new requirements.

I've already taken one of my Upper Division GE courses (A4 or D4) from the Otter Model. Should I stay on my current catalog?

While you should definitely check in with your academic advisor for information specific to your record, we are seeing that for most students who have completed A4 and/or D4 in the Otter Model will be best served in their current catalog (even if taking new courses to satisfy the major requirements).

If a continuing student chooses to change to the new catalog and additional courses are required for their concentration, will they have to complete the new courses?

Yes. If a requirement is not already complete, the student will need to complete it with the new classes. If the requirement did not change and was already complete (only the number of courses changed or something like that), probably not. Please speak with your advisor for information specific to your situation.