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Petition for exception to university academic policy

You may petition to make an exception to certain university academic regulations when unusual circumstances or serious and compelling reasons (such as an accident or illness) exist. You should first meet with the faculty or staff associated with your request for assistance in determining whether a petition is the appropriate procedure to address the situation. You should explore alternate means of resolution before you submit a petition for exception. If needed, use the petition form to ask for an exception from things such as:

  • degree or graduation requirements
  • prior term action such as add, drop, etc.
  • other academic policies

It should be noted, however, that academic regulations contained in Title 5, California Code of Regulations, cannot be waived by petition.

Explain the exception you are requesting, including any special circumstances and reasons that would support your request for an exception. Make your statement as specific as possible. Provide documentation supporting your statements when possible.

Please note: supporting documentation is typically from a third party. Your own statement of your circumstances does not qualify as documentation. Please obtain a letter from a doctor, therapist, medical social worker, employer, or some other professional who is in a position to know about your circumstances and can comment about the impact of those circumstances on the subject of your petition.

The Petition for Exception form is used solely to update Academic Records and does not dictate the amount of financial reimbursement for tuition and fees. Please send any questions regarding tuition reimbursements to