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Advising Appointments

Use the "Advising Appointments" button at the right to learn more about advising appointments with Academic Advisors for all undergraduate majors except Nursing and CS Online Degree Completion.

To schedule an appointment with a Graduate or Credential Advisor, or the advisor for Nursing or CS Online, please use the Find Your Advisor button at the right side of the page, and email the advisor.

How to Book an Appointment

Pre-scheduled Academic Advising Appointments

Academic Advisors are available for 30-minute oppointments to discuss the following: 

Create or Update Academic Plan:

Work with your advisor to create or update your academic plan, using published pathways as guidance. NOTE- some advisors allow 60 minutes for a new education plan.

Major or Minor Exploration or Change:

Meet with an advisor to learn more about a major or minor, or to evaluate options for changing major or adding, changing, or dropping a minor.

Graduation Check for Seniors:

Meet with your advisor to double-check the courses you must complete in your final one or two semesters at CSUMB.

Scheduling Assistance:

Any schedule change that requires you to modify your academic plan (delay a required class) should be discussed with your Academic Advisor.

Study Abroad Consultation

Academic Advisors can help review and recommend Study Abroad course options, but major courses require approval from the faculty chair of your major department.

Wednesday Drop-in Advising

5-minute to 15-minute drop-in meeting. Email your advisor (or check their email signature) to find the drop-in zoom link for a Wednesday drop-in meeting with your advisor, and to find out their drop-in hours.

Verification of Class Selection

Quick meeting to verify classes in shopping cart or enrolled classes, to make sure you are staying on track.

Quick Policy Review or Clarification

Declare or Change Major or Minor

quick meeting that does not involve upating learning plan to include the new major or minor, nor evaluating pros and cons of the major or minor

Quick Graduation Check

Quick meeting during final semester to resolve any missing requirements in your "My Advisement Report"

Quick Scheduling Assistance

Quick check-in with advisor about time conflicts, reasonable workload, or alternative course options