Center for Advising, Career and Student Success

Advising Appointments

Use the "Book an Advising Appointments" button at the right to schedule a meeting with an advisor. Or you can go to drop-in zoom advising (times and zoom links vary by major).  You can find the current zoom drop-in advising times on our main Advising page 

To schedule an appointment with any advisor on your success team, please use the Advising portal on your dashboard.  You can easily book an appointment with your major or minor academic advisor, your career advisor, or your success advisor.  

If you are changing major and need to meet with a different advisor, please call 831-582-3937 for scheduling assistance. 

The appointment link is accessible to current CSUMB students via their Okta log-in. Prospective students should attend zoom drop-in advising 

How to Book an Advising appointment Video 

Pre-scheduled Academic Advising Appointments

Academic Advisors are available for 30-minute appointments to discuss the following: 

Create or Update Academic Plan (Learning Plan) 

Work with your advisor to create or update your academic plan, using published pathways and My Learning Plan as guidance.

Major or Minor Exploration or Change:

Meet with an advisor to learn more about a major or minor, or to evaluate options for changing major or adding, changing, or dropping a minor.

Scheduling Assistance:

Any schedule change that requires you to modify your academic plan (delay a required class) should be discussed with your Academic Advisor.

Study Abroad Consultation

Academic Advisors can help review and recommend Study Abroad course options, but major courses require approval from the faculty chair of your major department.  Study Abroad advising often requires more than one meeting.  

Zoom Drop-in Advising

5-minute to 15-minute drop-in meeting via zoom.  You can find your advisor's drop-in times and zoom links on our main advising page 

Because drop-in advising sessions are 5 to 15 minutes (and may be limited to 10 minutes during registration week), your advisor won't be able to create a learning plan during drop-in advising. However, drop-in advising is a great way to get quick assistance with course scheduling or to double-check that you are taking the right courses, as indicated on  "My Advisement Report" .  Drop-in advising is also the best way for an initial meeting to change major, add a minor, or to get help with forms or understanding policies.