College of Science

Science Internship Program

Internship Units for UROC Students

If you are a UROC Researcher or a UROC Scholar majoring in science, you may qualify for up to 2 science internship units for your research, which count as upper division elective units. If you are interested in this option, it is critical that you discuss it with your UROC coordinator before your start your research, as this will require coordination with your academic advisor, and with the Sciences Internship Program. If you have any questions, please reach out to Dr. Gerick Bergsma at


The enrollment steps and requirements are different to the enrollment steps and requirements for non-UROC students:

  1. Let your UROC coordinator know that you are interested in this option before starting your research. Processing your forms can take several weeks, so we advise that you start the process early. Contact your academic advisor to make sure this option is good for you and that you won't run into unit overload issues.
  2. Contact the Sciences Internship Program to discuss your internship project and fill out your internship agreement.
  3. You must meet the course prerequisites for professional development by taking either RSCH 200 or BIO 292.
  4. Once your internship is approved, we'll send you and add code to enroll in BIO 394 OR ENVS 394.

Important notes

  • UROC Summer Research Program students successfully completing the requirements for that program who enroll in BIO 394 or ENVS 394 will not be required to complete any additional coursework or assignments for those courses beyond those required by the UROC summer research program.
  • UROC Scholars who enroll in BIO 394 or ENVS 394 are required to complete the normal coursework and assignments for those courses.