College of Science

Science Internship Program

Student Guidelines

Use common sense and professional conduct at all times. Interns are responsible for understanding and following the site's rules, policies, procedures, protocol, and expectations.


  • Set mutually satisfactory and feasible goals with agency and faculty sponsors
  • Become familiar with agency policy and procedures and abide by all regulations
  • Support the agency and its staff and contacts with the public
  • Notify the agency sponsor when unable to work
  • Consult supervisor(s) when confronted with problems beyond the scope of the internship
  • Evaluate each meeting or activity that has been planned and conducted
  • Set a positive standard for other interns to follow
  • Complete work as outlined on learning agreement*
  • Participate in a site orientation*
  • Know how to exit internship site in case of an emergency
  • Be punctual and responsible in completing commitments to the internship site
  • Talk to faculty member when there are issues at the internship site

*Required for students taking internships for credit


  • DON'T report to the internship site under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • DON'T give or loan a client money or other personal belongings
  • DON'T make promises or commitments to a client that cannot be followed through
  • DON'T tolerate verbal exchange of a sexual nature or engage in behavior that might be perceived as sexual with a client or community-based organization representative
  • DON'T tolerate verbal exchange or engage in behavior that might be perceived as discriminating against an individual on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or ethnicity
  • DON'T engage in any type of business with clients during the internship
  • DON'T enter into personal relationships with a client or community-based organization representative during the internship

For assistance in accommodations for any disabilities, please contact Margaret Keith, Director, Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) at (831) 582-4369.

• Do not leave items visible in the car's interior. Place valuable articles in the trunk prior to arrival at the internship site

• When using the bus, be sure to know the route and cost of bus fare

• In case of a breakdown or a mix up with transportation, carry enough money for a cab ride home

• Develop a community safety net of resources around the site

• Get to know internship supervisors

• Determine the people, places and other resources in the area that can be of assistance in times of emergency (e.g. know the location of phones, 24-hour stores, police station, etc.)

• Give the phone number of the internship site to roommate, friend, or relative before beginning the internship

Sexual harassment

Visit CSUMB's Title IX - Sexual Discrimination, Harassment, and Assault Page for Information and Resources.

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