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By creating a broader base for student internships within the STEM fields, CSU Monterey Bay is furthering its efforts in creating a campus engineered towards student success. Undergraduate internships have been identified as a High Impact Practice (HIP) by multiple studies conducted throughout the CSU system. These studies suggest that participation in at least two HIPs during an undergraduate’s career will substantially increase the likeliness of their success in their program with respect to increased retention rates and GPA. Once a student is engaged in an internship geared towards their desired profession, they become more determined to achieve success academically.


The Science Internship Program (SIP) is committed to giving our students as many opportunities as possible outside of the classroom. Many partnerships and collaborations have already been formed through SIP, resulting in jobs for students and a strong recruitment base for the partners.

If you would like us to advertise an intern position with your organization, please fill out the following New Internship Position Form. This form provides our program with all the general information required to advertise positions with our community partners.