College of Science

Science Internship Program

Enroll in an Internship Course





1. Apply for an internship

You can do this at any point in the semester, keeping in mind the application deadlines of the internship positions you are interested in. If you need help searching for an internship, you can use the SIP website to look at featured internships, browse through typical internship agencies & programs, or contact an internship advisor.

Minimum Requirements

  • Your internship work has to be relevant to your major,
  • must follow a Learning Plan with clear objectives and deliverables,
  • and must be at least 45 hours for 1 unit and 90 hours for 2 units.


You can start your internship work at any time in the semester, before or after you register for the actual internship course, but you must contact an internship coordinator at least 3 weeks before you start your internship work so all necessary paperwork can be signed before you start your internship work.

Please send an email to Kierra Rambonga.

In the email please indicate:

  • Where you will be doing your internship
  • The point of contact at your internship site
  • How many hours your internship will be

Once approved by an internship coordinator, you will be provided with two forms (learning plan agreement & release of liability) which need to be completed before you start your internship. Once these two forms are completed and submitted to an internship coordinator, you will be provided with an add code for the proper internship course.