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There are three options for graduate research associated with the Department of Marine Science at CSUMB. Each have very different requirements. Please review the information below closely. If you have questions, contact us at

MS in Marine Science @ Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (Thesis Degree)

The MSCI department at CSUMB primarily advises graduate students through MLML. The MLML is a consortium campus that includes seven CSU campuses in northern California. As described below, you can enroll at MLML through CSUMB in two ways. You would be an MLML student in both cases, but there are important considerations about your thesis advisor, so review the options carefully before applying.

(1.) Enroll through CSUMB & Advised by CSUMB Faculty -------- In this case, you would be advised by one of the six core faculty at CSUMB, with other MLML faculty on your committee. It is important to reach out to particular faculty you are potentially interested in working with before applying. In this case, you can take advantage of all CSUMB campus facilities.

(2.) Enroll through CSUMB & Advised by MLML Faculty --------- In this case, you would enroll through CSUMB and would be able to take advantage of CSUMB campus facilities, but you would be advised by one of the core eight MLML faculty members.


Additional information regarding the MLML application process can be found here

MS in Environmental Studies @ CSU Monterey Bay (Professional Science Masters (PSM) or Thesis Degree)

This degree is focused on environmental science rather than marine science, but there are options to study marine organisms in several courses. You can find details here on both the 2-year PSM and Thesis options.

Teaching Associate (TA) Opportunity Application Guide
We are officially accepting applications for Teaching Associate positions in the College of Science. For more information, please refer to the Call for TA Applications. Teaching Associate Application Guide
Teaching Associate applications require a FAFSA application . FAFSA / Financial Aid Guide
All application materials must be submitted to this google form by the deadline. Your Letter of Recommendation, along with the Statement of Support (from your faculty advisor) must be sent directly to both Dr. Jenny Duggan ( and Kierra Rambonga ( via email.  Application Submission
Important for Prospective Graduate Students: New graduate students are encouraged to apply. However, this is not a requirement of admission and it does not affect admissions decisions.  
Please note that you may need to submit your TA application before you learn if you have been admitted into the graduate program. One of the TA application requirements is to submit a statement of support from your MSCI advisor. If you are applying as a prospective student (i.e. you still don't know if you will be admitted to the program), you can submit your application without that statement of support. If admitted to the program, we will contact your advisor directly for their statement of support.   
Questions? Contact Kierra Rambonga, Student Services Coordinator, TAship FAQ