College of Science

Department of Marine Science

Research Labs


Marine Landscape Ecology Lab

PI: Dr Corey Garza

Areas of Research: Marine Landscape ecology, intertidal community dynamics, geospatial technology and spatial statistics to study habitat complexities

marine tools

Ecosystems Electronics Lab (EEL)

PI: Dr. Steve Moore

Areas of Research: Benthic marine ecology, subsea robotics, ROVs

pool training

Research Diving Program

PI: Dr. James Lindholm

CSUMB is an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

coral study

Environmental Physiology Lab

PI: Dr. Cheryl Logan

Areas of Research: Marine environmental, ecological & evolutionary physiology, climate change stress physiology, ecological forecasting

abalone habitat

Coastal Ecology Lab

PI: Dr. Alison Haupt

Area of Research: Population ecology, kelp forest community disturbance, citizen science


Research Group: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Program (CMEP)

Director: Dr. Corey Garza

The Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Program is a research and education program funded by the NSF and NOAA. CMEP supports basic research to increase our understanding of coastal wetlands to the open ocean and deep sea.


Video Image Analysis Lab

PI: Dr. James Lindholm

Areas of Research: Shelf & slope ecology, image-based approaches to data collection, application of science to policy & management

plankton (Wiki)

Biological Oceanography

PI: Dr. Sherry Palacios

Area of Research: Phytoplankton biodiversity, meso-scale ocean features, remote sensing, aquatic optics


Research Group: Marine Science Research (formerly IfAME)

Director: Dr. James Lindholm

Marine Science faculty developed this restructured organizational design to sustainably couple their strong extramural research programs, growing academic curriculum, and established community engagement programs.