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Department of Marine Science

Current Faculty Projects

4 panel marine animals


Project Faculty PI Collaborators  
Active Societal Participation in Research & Education Corey Garza UMCES, USC, UW  
Anthropocene Research Award in Marine Conservation James Lindholm    
Assessment of Abalone and Urchin Populations in Monterey Alison Haupt    
California Undersea Imagery Archive James Lindholm  OPC, CDFW  
Center for Applied Atmospheric Research and Education [CAARE] Sherry Palacios NASA  
Center for Coastal & Marine Ecosystems Corey Garza  FL A&M   
COAST Scholars-In-Training Cheryl Logan    
Collaborative Research: Decomposing the Effects of Diversity on the Abundance of Marine Parasites Alison Haupt  UW, SIO AMNH  
Development of Low-Cost Instrumentation for Student Projects Steve Moore    
Earth System Education for Climate Resiliency in the Salish Sea Sherry Palacios  NASA [ESTEEM]  
Engaging Non-Science Majors in Authentic Research through Citizen Science Alison Haupt    
Galapagos Coral: Canaries in a Coal Mine Cheryl Logan SFQU  
Image-based Approaches to Surveying Corals at Mid-depth Rocky Reefs in Central California's MPAs James Lindholm MBNMS  
Improved Polar Data Access & Communication Corey Garza  Rutgers, MBARI  
Landscape Ecology of Fishes on Southern Carmel Bay's Deep Wall & Reef James Lindholm  MBNMS  
Landscape Ecology of Nearshore Biological Communities Along CA: From Video-based Diver Transects to Spatial Modeling James Lindholm  PISCO, RCCA, State Parks  
Monitoring & Evaluation of Mid-depth Rocky Reef Ecosystems James Lindholm  MLML, UCSB, HSU  
Quantifying Drivers and Stressors of Intertidal Biofilm Resources at the Largest Tidal Wetland Restoration on the US West Coast Sherry Palacios  USGS  
REU: From the Intertidal to the Deep Ocean Corey Garza ESNERR, HMS, MLML, MBARI, NPS  
SACNAS Geo-Futures Program Corey Garza    
San Clemente Island Deep Water DFMPA Monitoring James Lindholm  MLML  
Sea Lion Bowl   NOSB  
The Value of Habitat Diversity in Marine Reserves: Spiny Lobster Use of the Intertidal Zone at the Santa Catalina MPA Corey Garza  HMS  
Using Citizen Science to Understand 30 Year of Change in Kelp Cover Alison Haupt  UMass, NASA