College of Science

Department of Marine Science

Marine Science Faculty and Staff

Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty

James Lindholm (Chair)

Corey Garza

Alison Haupt

Cheryl Logan

Steve Moore

Sherry Palacios

Research and Programmatic Staff

Carrie Bretz

Laura Good

Pat Iampietro

Andrew Morgan 

Sloane Lofy

Administrative Support Coordinator

Sarena Hineser-Harwood


Matthew Jew

Robin Pelc

Paulina Salinas-Ruiz 

Ryan Solymar 

Holly Swift

Adjunct Research Faculty

Andrew DeVogelaere (MBNMS)

Technical Support Staff

Jeanette Favaloro (Primary)

Jessica Valdez-Schulz

Academic Advisors

Meg Austin

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