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Engaging our local communities towards ocean stewardship through inspirational outreach and education
The Rote Professorship in Marine Science and Policy has a strong foundation in the communities of the Central Coast of California, but also actively interacts with communities across the state, the nation, and beyond. Dating back to 2008, it has engaged widely disparate stakeholder groups through an array of projects and activities (please see below) that consider the variable science needs of each community or group. Honoring the legacy of Jim Rote, the Professorship actively supports students, staff and faculty in the pursuit of answers to some of the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st century.



In 2003, the Division of Science and Environmental Policy at CSUMB created a unique professorship to honor the legacy of Dr. James W. Rote. The late Dr. Rote wrote extensively about bridging the gap between science and policy and spent much of his career working in California State government as an environmental policy advisor. Dr. Rote was one of the chief architects of the visionary plan that created the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and was a founding faculty member of California State University, Monterey Bay.


In 2008, James Lindholm was appointed as the James W. Rote Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and Policy. A former employee of the federal government, Dr. Lindholm works at the interface of marine science and policy to help bridge the often considerable divide between academic science and government policy/management. His scientific activities include research on the landscape ecology of fishes and the ecological effects of fishing, as well as monitoring of marine protected areas and other spatial management regimes. 

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