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Recent Faculty Publications   
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Upwelling-level acidification and pH/pCO2 variability moderate effects of ocean acidification on brain gene expression in the temperate surfperch, Embiotoca jacksoni. (2022) Molecular Ecology. [J. Toy, K. Kroeker, C. Logan, Y. Takeshita, G. Longo, G. Bernardi]  
From polyps to pixels: understanding coral reef resilience to local and global change across scales. (2022) Landscape Ecology 38. 10.1007/s10980-022-01463-3 [M. Donvovan et al, incl C. Logan]  
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report. (2022) Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. [Contributing author, C. Logan] Download the Report  
Distinguishing Residency Behavior from Random Movements using Passive Acoustic Telemetry. (2021) Marine Ecology Progress Series. [A.N. Cramer, S. Katz, C. Kogan, J. Lindholm]  
Effects of Hypoxia on the Behavior and Physiology of Kelp Forest Fishes. (2020) Global Change Biology. [E. Mattiasen, N. Kashef, D. Stafford, C. Logan]  
Integrating Oceans into Climate Policy: Any Green New Deal Needs a Splash of Blue. (2020) Society for Conservation Biology. [S. Dundas, A. Levine, R. Lewison, A. Doerr, C. White, A. Galloway, C. Garza, E. Hazon, J. Padilla-Gamino, J. Samhouri, A. Spalding, A. Stier, J.W. White]  
Early Conservation Benefits of a de Facto Marine Protected Area at San Clemente Island. (2020) PLOS ONE. [M. Esgro, J. Lindholm, K. Nickols, J. Bredvick]  
Effects of Multiple Climate Change Stressors on Gene Expression in the Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus). (2020) Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology. [A. Cline, S. Hamilton, C. Logan]  
Landscape Ecology in the Rocky Intertidal: Opportunities for Advancing Discovery and Innovation in Intertidal Research. (2019) Landscape Ecology of Aquatic Systems. [C. Garza]  
Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Can Have Opposite Effects on Rockfish Otolith Growth. (2019) Journal of Experimental Biology and Ecology, 521. [S. Hamilton, N. Kashef, D. Stafford, E. Mattiasen, L. Kapphahn, C. Logan]  
Preliminary Results Assessing Movement Patterns of Select Demersal Piscivores at the Sub-tropical Reefs of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary (NW Atlantic, Carolinian Province). (2020) pp. 98-114, in Review of Scientific Research in and Around the Designated Research Area of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary (NW Atlantic). Marine Sanctuary Conservation Series ONMS-20-8. P. Auster, J. Lindholm, J. Pereira, S. Fangman, H. Bolton, A. Cramer, L. Jensen, J. Moye.