Degree Programs

CSUMB offers a single, interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in marine science that prepares students for a wide variety of jobs and graduate school programs. A masters degree in marine science is also available through a collaboration with Moss Landing Marine Labs.

Marine Science B.S.

Marine Science M.S.

Marine Science Capstone Project

Capstone provides students an opportunity to synthesize knowledge, skills, and abilities developed over the course of their learning experience at CSUMB. MSCI capstone helps students connect their marine science and policy knowledge to critical issues of ocean stewardship, conservation, exploitation, and management at local, national, and global scales.

MSCI Capstone Information Summary (PDF)

MSCI 410: Marine Science Group Capstone (1 units)

MSCI 490: Marine Science Honors Capstone (2-4 units)

Examples of MSCI Capstone Presentations

Marine Landscape Ecology Capstone 2017 Marine Biogeography Capstone 2017

Research Programs

Institute for Applied Marine Ecology All extramurally funded research activities in the CSUMB marine science program are conducted through the Institute for Applied Marine Ecology (IfAME). Learn about IfAME's faculty research labs, on-going research projects, vessels and equipment, and many other resources.

Research Diving Program All research diving activities associated with CSUMB courses, student theses, and funded projects are conducted through the Research Diving Program. CSUMB is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

Coordinator of Marine Science Program

Dr. James Lindholm, Science Research Annex, #129,

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