College of Science

Department of Marine Science

Video Image Analysis Lab

Research Staff & Students

Lab staff

IAL Principal Investigator, Dr. James Lindholm

Student Researcher / Project

Paulina Salinas-Ruiz (Instructor)

Current Students:

Kameron Strickland (MLML Grad Student) / Thesis research: Comparing a novel use of underwater virtual reality imagery to traditional diver underwater census techniques for the study of temperate reef fish communities

Travis Leggett (MLML Grad Student) / Thesis research: The distribution of newly-abundant purple urchins with varying seafloor topography and water depth along the edge of the Carmel submarine canyon using stereo diver-operated video and diver observations

Justin Gill (MLML Grad Student) /

Denise Drachenberg / Honors capstone research: The co-occurrence of purple urchins and coralline algae using stereo diver-operated video and diver observations

Jordan Velasco / Honors capstone research: Focused on the distribution of kelp greenlings and lingcod using VR imagery and diver data

Lissa Giacalone (CSUMB Grad Student) /

Former Honors Capstone Students:

Plan A team students

Tommy Dolan / Diel variation in demersal fish assemblages and microhabitat associations in the deep photic zone of the Carmel submarine canyon

Megan Salomonson / Drift kelp utilization by temperate reef fishes beyond the reef-sand interface

Kameron Strickland / Microhabitat associations of kelp rockfish (Sebastes atrovirens) along the reef-sand interface at central Californian reefs

Marisa Thompson / Variation in fine-scale habitat associations of vermilion rockfish (Sebastes miniatus) and canary rockfish (Sebastes pinniger) with latitude along California's coastline