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Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology

Welcome to the TWE Lab!

Our primary focus is on the responses of wildlife to changes in land use and cover.  Check out what we are doing!

    • Matt McGee is highlighted in an interview shared on the Department of Applied Environmental Science's page- check it out!
    • Yimin Gu, a 2019 UROC researcher in the TWE lab, graduated from UCLA in Spring 2021 and has been accepted to the Chemical Engineering Graduate program at UCLA this fall.  Read more in UROC's Sept/Oct 2021 newsletter.

    • Congratulations to Kristen Burroughs, recent graduate of CSUMB, for winning the Squirrel-Net logo design contest. Kristen is pursuing a career as a science illustrator, and we think she is off to a great start!
      Image of Kristen Burroughs
    • Janette Perez-Jimenez has been accepted into a PhD program at Ohio University where she will be working in Dr. Johnson's Ohio Bat Lab.  Way to go, Janette!
    • Yucheol Shin's work on rattlesnakes at the UC Fort Ord Natural Reserve was published in the Spring 2021 issue of the Herpetological Bulletin.  Congratulations!
    • Annabelle McCarthy has been accepted for a Resident Mentor Position at the Kellogg Biological Station Summer Undergraduate Program. Not only will she be mentoring undergraduates, she'll also be conducting research on how farming methods affect butterfly diversity.  
    Image of Annabelle McCarthy in field
    • Hannah Carrell's work with bats has been highlighted in UROC's Aug 2020 Newsletter. Not only is she continuing her research in the UROC Researcher program this fall, she has also been invited to act as a UROC Ambassador to help promote UROC and mentor her peers.
    • Annabelle McCarthy has been accepted into the UROC LSAMP Rising Researcher Program. She will be conducting research focused on the nesting success of birds in urban green spaces.
    Image of TWE Lab Jack O' Lanterns

    Happy Halloween from the TWE Lab!

    • Hannah Carrell presented her research project at the UROC's Virtual Summer Research Symposium.
    • Congratulations to Amanda Preece for submitting her M.S. Thesis, "Associating landscape variables with nesting occupancy and success of songbirds using nest boxes in semi-urban greenspaces"! For now, she is continuing to work at Asilomar State Beach, and you can find her there monitoring birds and restoring native vegetation.
    Image of Amanda Preece
  • Image of TWE Lab at Fall 2019 TWS Symposium
    • Yimin Gu and Thomy Tran presented posters on their UROC research projects at the 6th Annual Monterey Bay Summer Research Symposium.
    Image of Thomy Tran and Yimin Gu with posters
    • Miya Fukutomi presented an individual research project at CSUMB's Spring 2019 Capstone Festival.
    • Sam Gautreaux has been accepted in CSUMB's graduate program in Environmental Science and will begin work on her M.S. degree in Fall 2019. Congratulations!
    Image of Samantha Gautreaux
  • Image of TWE Lab at Fall 2018 TWS Symposium
    • Sam Gautreaux participated with Dr. Jenny Duggan and Dr. Corin White in a panel presentation at the 2018 conference of the Council on Undergraduate Research in Arlington, Virginia.
    • Bailey Gastelum, Rubi Rangel, and Marinn Browne presented a poster at this year's Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists in Manhattan, Kansas. Not only did they have a great time meeting other researchers, they also gave an unforgettable karaoke performance of, "Squirrels Just Want to Have Fun".
    • Deven Jimenez, Mei Liu Owens, Marinn Browne, and Yucheol Shin presented posters on their UROC research projects at the 5th Annual Monterey Bay Summer Research Symposium.
    Image of 2018 UROC students with posters


    • Rebecca Roberts has accepted a position as a small mammal research intern at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Great job!
    • Andrew Caudillo has been accepted in CSUMB's graduate program in Environmental Science and will begin work on his M.S. degree in Fall 2018. Congratulations!
    Image of Andrew Caudillo
  • Image of Kendall Emerick