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Our mathematics and statistics programs prepare students to analyze complex discipline-based issues, synthesize information from multiple sources and perspectives, communicate skillfully in oral and written forms, and use appropriate technologies. The flexibility of our programs give students the opportunity to mold their degree to their particular interests. Many of our students pursue careers in industry (e.g. engineering, finance, business, data science), teaching, or government service immediately upon graduation. Others continue on to graduate school, then pursue careers in research or university teaching. You will develop deep critical thinking, mathematical, statistical, computational, and technological skills sough by employers that enable you to analyze and propose solutions to real-world problems. 

In addition, our mission is to provide an equitable and inclusive learning environment where each of our students can flourish with a positive growth mindset about learning statistics or mathematics. Our instructors use a combination of innovative teaching pedagogies including complex instruction, reading apprenticeship, standard based grading and inquiry based learning to teach and engage the minds of today.  Our Department highly values lived experiences and the richness that a diverse student population brings to the learning environment.

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