The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides all undergraduate students with an education in mathematics and statistics that will serve as part of a foundation for life-long learning and preparation for graduate study, K-12 teaching, or employment in industry.

Mathematics & Statistics department colloquium, Fall 2018

October 1: Room S217, Chapman, 12-2pm

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Clinkenbeard

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Title: Surprising Problems for Those Not Easily Surprised: Using Non-Routine Problems to Help Engage All Students

Abstract: This talk will present an interactive approach to mathematics teaching and learning for college students. Participants will engage in collaborative problem-solving on problems that, while not necessarily intuitive, are both interesting and accessible to a general audience. The session concludes with a brief exploration of different student-centered models of teaching, together with their related research findings.

November 5th Room S217, Chapman, 12-2pm

Speaker: Dr. Glenn Bruns, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Design

Title: Lattices, multi-valued logic, and computer security.

Abstract: When you hear "computer security" you might think of cryptography and number theory, but there is a whole different area of computer security that deals with "who can do what" with a computer. For example, who is allowed to view or modify a document?, or, which programs are allowed to get through a computer firewall? In this talk I'll discuss the problem of describing a computer security policy, and show how lattices are the basis of an elegant solution.

December 3rd Room S217, Chapman, 12-2pm

Speaker: Dr. Aparna Srenivasam, Associate Professor, School of Natural Sciences

Title: The Power of Mathematics in the Study of Genetics: A Historical Discussion

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Our mathematics and statistics programs prepare students to analyze complex discipline-based issues, synthesize information from multiple sources and perspectives, communicate skillfully in oral and written forms, and use appropriate technologies.

The flexibility of our programs give students the opportunity to mold their degree to their particular interests. Many of our students pursue careers in industry (e.g. engineering, finance, business), teaching to government service immediately upon graduation. Others continue on to graduate school, then pursue careers in research or university teaching.

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