The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides all undergraduate students with an education in mathematics and statistics that will serve as part of a foundation for life-long learning and preparation for graduate study, K-12 teaching, or employment in industry.

Talk #3: Monday, April 8, Chapman E-104

Speaker: Jeffrey Wand, Assistant Prof. of Math.

Title: Counting is hard: Turning Lie Theory into Combinatorics

Abstract: Mathematical research is all about solving hard problems. One way to solve a hard problem is to relate it to an easier problem or to change its structure so that it becomes more manageable (think about u-substitution in calculus and how we use it to change complex integrals into simpler ones). My colleagues and I have been working on a challenging Lie theory problem. When we first started tackling our problem we converted our Lie theory problem into a "path counting" problem in graph theory. This did not trivialize the problem because counting is very hard. However this graph visualization gave us a lot of intuition and helped us solve our Lie theory problem in a small case. This talk will be gentle introduction into Lie theory and representation theory. Prepare for fun!!!

Talk #4: Monday, May 6. 12:00-1:00, Location TBA.

Speaker: Peri Shereen, Assistant Prof. of Math. Topic TBA.

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