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California Living

Our team is comprised of professional staff members from across the country, some of their stories can be read below {link here}. As the cost of living continues to rise in the state of California, one of our benefits we love to share with new employees is our employee housing opportunities. CSUMB can provide live-off position employees an opportunity to live in Schoonover Park, one (part) of our close knit East Campus apartment community. These 2-bedroom 1 bathroom apartments and 3-bedroom 2-bathroom townhomes are offered at a reduced rate for CSUMB employees to make living in the area more affordable. Living and working in the Monterey area gives you the Coastal California experience without the LA traffic and smog. Our staff and students alike often talk about the cultural festivals, nearby cities, and beautiful scenery of the Monterey Peninsula. We invite you to come and spend some time with us on the Central Coast!

Our Students And Their Stories

Student Housing & Residential Life interacts with a majority of the CSUMB student population through living with us or participating in events we sponsor. Close to half of all CSUMB students live in Residential Housing and we take their experience very seriously. Between our Student Leaders, Student Employees, and Residents - we get the opportunity to inspire success in all we do. We employ Student Assistante who are our front line in our Offices. These students are the face of SH&RL and do everything from answering questions, in person and over the phone; distribute packages (we had over 30,000 last year!); lock outs during business hours; and general support.Our student leaders take on a few different forms. The CSUMB Residential Housing Association (RHA) is dedicated to serving as a voice for the residents of on-campus housing and guiding them in a positive living experience. RHA addresses issues relevant to community life, offers a safe environment through on-campus activities, and provides leadership opportunities to all residents. Additionally, RHA hold many of the CSUMB Traditional Events including: Start of the Year Ice Cream Social, Eggs After Dark, Monthly Open Mic Night, Labor Day Pool Party, and Harvest Dinner. Resident Advisors (RA) are our eyes, ears, hands, and shoulders in the halls. With 72 Student Leaders in this vital role we are able to deliver intentional and interesting experiences to our residents. All RAs go through a rigorous selection process, participate in RA Teams focused on our Residential Learning Outcomes, and connect with all of our campus resources to ensure our students are safe, connected, and able to succeed as an Otter. All of our student staff and leaders work toward inspiring success in our residential population. Guided by our 5 Residential Learning Outcomes, we craft a personalized experience for each resident. As an Hispanic Serving Institution, we are focused on our University’s founding vision statement. CSUMB is dedicated to serve first generation and low income students from the region. See below for some of our student stories.

Professional Development

Additionally to potential Professional Development Funding opportunities, we highly encourage and support our staff members with getting involved and take advantage of on campus development opportunities such as but are not limited to; Diversity Learning Series SafeZone Training Undocu-Ally Training Veteran-Ally Training Mental Health First Aid Certification I Can Help Green Dot Campus Conversation Events Makespace Access

Current Employee Stories

We asked our folks why they choose CSU Monterey Bay. A common theme that emerged was their work/life balance. Many members of our team have a priority on their personal life benefits which have either brought them or kept them here. For some, it’s been a safe and accepting culture to live a full and open life, for others, people are coming home to their Otter Family as Alumni, and others have found a place to support starting, raising, or growing their family.

Out and About the Bay

Monterey, long known as a gem on the California coastline, and a popular tourist destination, has become so much more than that. Monterey is full of rich history, but the area is also home to fine dining, a respected arts community, and numerous festivals and concerts. Monterey also has easy access to plenty of outdoor activities from hiking, surfing, and kayaking. If you’re looking to explore outside of the Monterey area, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco are all within a short two hour drive.

Fringe Benefits

Once here, our staff has the ability to enjoy may of the benefits of working on a college campus, among these are free access to public transit with your Staff ID, ability to participate with staff/faculty/students on intramural teams, supportive staff/faculty affinity groups, discounts to university hosted concerts, speakers, and performances, and so much more! CSUMB also celebrates some of the recognized government holidays between December 25th and January 1st, so the campus is closed and staff have the ability to celebrate as they wish without taking time off. We also offer affordable Staff and Faculty Housing in our Schoonover Park community. Schoonover Park is managed by the University Corporation, and offers Staff and Faculty housing that will well under that market value for the Monterey Area. Enjoy living just miles from the beach without breaking the bank!

“My name is Jarely Fraga and I am currently a 4th year student. I moved from Sacramento and started at CSUMB as a freshmen in 2016 because I wanted school to be my main priority. As a first generation college student, I had an idea of what college consisted of but never really understood. Living on campus made the transition easier. I had to eat outside of my room which encouraged me to socialize. I began going to the beach, movies, Santa Cruz with neighbors. I now live in East Campus with two roommates one who lived on the same floor as I my first year and another who I met when we both worked as RAs my second year. Living on campus has allowed me to meet amazing people and build lifelong friendships.” -Jarely Fraga, Main Desk Student Assistant
“My name is Ashley Genasci and I am a fourth year, Biology Major. I chose CSUMB because I loved the location. One of my favorite things about living here is being able to take a 5 minute drive to the beach. Sometimes life gets so crazy that I forget the ocean is across the street, but it’s nice to escape, relax, and listen to the waves or watch the sunset. Or even go to hiking and see everything this area has to offer. I love living on-campus because of the people I’ve met. I’ve met so many people because they have been my neighbors/roommates, but also because there are so many events that happen on-campus. While attending these events, I have met so many people, each with their own story and it’s fun to see each other around campus. One of the best events that I have been to was this past Open Mic Night. There was such a good turnout for attendees, but also performers. It was just a safe place for people to express themselves and their amazing talents. The best memory I have while living on-campus, was my freshman year hanging out and talking to my RA. Sometimes RA’s can be intimidating, but she made it a great living experience for a first year! All in all, it’s the little things that really make life here at CSUMB fun and exciting.” - Ashley Genasci, President, Residential Housing Association