Student Housing and Residential Life

Statement about miscommunication and student housing underbilling

October 7, 2022
On October 3, Student Housing and Residential Life sent an email following a system review that revealed underbilling of some residents. This message was intended for about 85 people and was not for distribution to all 800+ Frederick Park residents. We apologize to the residents who received the message in error, and for the confusion it may have caused.
As a result of the over-communication, the office experienced an increased volume of questions and could only connect with those residents who directly reached out about housing options to begin identifying ways the university could address their needs. 

Students in 3-person capacity or family housing apartments in Frederick Park are not affected by the system error and should not have received the email sent Monday. The specific underbilling situation only applies to students who chose a new housing option this year. This choice offered more personal space and privacy by having no roommate in the larger bedroom of a 2 bed - 1 bath apartment style unit in exchange for a higher rental rate. This new option was offered to respond directly to student requests for more housing options.

For the 85 students who are being underbilled, they should continue to pay the amount billed in September to stay in good standing, and we will hold all billing corrections that would increase the amount due by the student until they are individually contacted and have an opportunity to discuss a workable solution. If a student has a different billing or payment concern, please contact Student Housing and Residential Life to discuss their specific needs.
On Thursday, October 6, Student Housing and Residential Life began reaching out to those students who had not already contacted their office and are in the group of 85 individuals who are affected. We expect to be able to make one-to-one contact with all 85 by the end of next week. We aim to identify workable solutions for each of the 85 students by October 14. No student will be removed from campus housing due to our system error that created the underbilling. Students who believe they made a different housing choice or who do not wish to continue in the lower capacity housing option at the higher agreed rental rate will be offered other arrangements that suit their needs and budget, based on availability. 

Student Housing and Residential Life is dedicated to providing students with options that fit various student needs and excellent customer service to facilitate student success. We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication that reached more residents than intended and the disruption it may have caused.