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California Undersea Imagery Archive

HD Still Images Archive

undersea rocky reef
undersea mud bottom with fish
undersea brittle star arms
RegionLocationNumber of ImagesCollection Size
North Central Coast Point Arena 132 435 MB
North Central Coast Bodega Head 219 554 MB
North Central Coast Point Reyes 211 728 MB
North Central Coast Farallon Islands 183 722 MB
North Central Coast Pillar Point 93 293 MB
Central Coast Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 342 846 MB
Central Coast Monterey Bay 98 (subset of MBNMS) 295 MB
Central Coast Big Sur 246 570 MB
South Coast Point Vicente 149 429 MB
South Coast Laguna 211 529 MB
South Coast Catalina Island 354 974 MB
South Coast San Clemente Island    
South Coast La Jolla 140 372 MB
undersea mud and crab
undersea boulders and rockfish
undersea sea pen