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How to Use the Request Form

Request Form
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Fish swimming around branching deep water corals, eel grass and dead kelp
La Jolla Canyon 2011

1. Select Imagery of Interest

The Map of Imagery and Imagery Database pages are designed to help in the selection process. Due to the large volume of media housed at the Archive, specific requests are necessary to create copies or prepare media for a viewing appointment. Requests can be made by sub-region as displayed on the Imagery Database page (i.e. Bodega Head, Farallon Islands, Catalina), by original project as shown in the Map and Database, or more specifically by individual transect or dive. Additional filtering requirements may be given, such as collection tool, predominant habitat, date collected, video only, or stills only.

2. Select Media Type

Video imagery may be requested in either its original tape format, or compressed digital files on DVD or external drive. HD stills are available for download on the Imagery Database in zip files, however those are selected sample images that do not encompass the entire image collection available for the regions listed. Images may be either copied to an external drive mailed to the Archive or delivered electronically through email.

3. Ship Blank Copy Media OR Schedule Appointment

After submitting a competed Request Form and receiving the approval email, if you require compressed digital forms of video (external drive or DVD), please ship the storage media to:

CSUMB Ryan Ranch Annex, Attn. CUIA, 8 Upper Ragsdale Road, Monterey, CA 93940

We will copy the requested imagery to either the DVDs or drive and ship them back.

Scheduling a Copying or Viewing Appointment

Due to the time consuming nature of copying tapes, we require requests of more than 20 hours of tape-based video be copied by the requester at our Monterey location. If this is the case, an Archive staff member will contact you after receiving the Request Form to schedule a time. Note that copying tape takes an equal amount of time to its length. We will provide the equipment necessary to view the tape and copy them, but we do require that you bring your own tapes to copy the video onto

If you lack the equipment necessary to view tape-based imagery but require it for your work, we have a viewing station available at the Archive that you may use to conduct your video observations. If you require use of the video workstation, please indicate so on your request form and an Archive staff member will contact you to schedule viewing appointments.

California Undersea Imagery Archive