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Introduction to Internship - A step-by-step Guide

CSUMB's Teacher Intern Pathway allows Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Special Education credential program students to teach and complete courses to earn a preliminary credential. Interns take summer courses and meet other requirements to qualify for an intern teaching position.

We welcome and encourage you to contact our office at any point to discuss your interest and any questions you may have.

What is an Intern?

An intern is a student who is enrolled in a teacher credential program, who has met the state requirements to become an intern, has found a teaching job in their subject area and has been hired as a teacher by a CSUMB partner district. After applying for the intern credential, an intern is generally paid like a regular teacher while obtaining a teaching credential.

What CSUMB programs offer the internship pathway?

The Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Ed Specialist (Special Education) programs offer internship pathways. CSUMB is currently approved to offer the following intern credentials: Multiple Subject, Single Subject Math, Science, Social Science, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Special Education Mild Moderate and Moderate Severe.

A district wants to hire me as a teacher, but I am not in a credential program yet.  What do I need to do to get an internship credential?

It is important to note that due to state pre-service and exam requirements, admission to a credential program will not make you immediately eligible for an intern credential. The pre-service course list for each program can be viewed in the Pre-Service Courses page. We have also created the step-by-step guide below to help you navigate the process:

10-Step Guide to Becoming an Intern:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited college/university
  2. Pass CBEST exam or approved alternative
  3. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of their subject area(s). Subject matter competency may be met by the following options:
    1. Passage of the appropriate CSET exam.
    2. Successful completion of an academic major in the subject they will teach.
      1. For Single Subject credentials, the major must be in one of the subjects named in Education Code section 44257(a).
      2. For Multiple Subject credentials, the major must be in liberal studies or an interdisciplinary major that includes coursework in the content areas identified in subdivision (b) of California Education Code section 44282.
      3. For Education Specialist credentials, the major must align with one of the acceptable majors for the Multiple Subject credential or Single Subject credential
  4. Pass an approved U.S. Constitution course or exam
  5. Obtain a Certificate of Clearance or sub permit
  6. Complete Adult, Child, Infant CPR and First Aid (must cover Adult, Child, Infant CPR)
  7. Obtain Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance
  8. Must have 45 hrs of experience in a classroom setting
  9. Admission to the CSUMB Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Special Ed Internship program (Please note that you cannot be enrolled in the Masters Degree program while serving as an intern.)
  10. Complete 3 approved pre-service courses during the summer at CSUMB, then apply for your intern credential.

To apply for an intern credential:

Once you have completed items 1-10, including summer pre-service coursework, and obtained a job offer, download these three documents below to guide you as you apply for your intern credential.

To maintain an intern credential:

  • Obtain a Support Provider from your employer
  • Remain continuously enrolled in CSUMB program coursework while working as an intern
  • Log 189 support and mentoring hours per year
  • Obtain two observations from the Support Provider per semester, and two evaluations from the Support Provider using Taskstream
  • Remain in good standing throughout program coursework (failing one course may result in withdrawal of the intern credential) and loss of the intern position.
  • The intern credential remains valid for a period of two years from the issuance date.  If an intern withdraws from the program prior to completing the program coursework, or the intern loses their internship position with the employer, the intern credential will be revoked by CSUMB.

Internship Guidelines

If a candidate accepts employment prior to admission to the credential program and approval to pursue the intern pathway, the candidate will be rejected for admission if the contract is made with a non-qualifying school or the contract fails to properly address the specifications for employment described here. Employment of interns in a participating district must not displace any certificated employees.  A diligent search must be performed by a district prior to hiring an intern.  A Declaration of Need form must be filed by the district on an annual basis, verifying that a diligent search was performed to recruit a qualified teacher.  The intern is not responsible for filing this form.

Candidates may accept teaching positions that provide for daily interaction with different groups of students within the candidate’s content area credential. The intern contract must include a 50% or greater full-time teaching assignment. Special Education interns must acquire a 60% or greater full-time teaching contract within the authorization area of the credential sought.

Class sizes of interns must reflect the norm of class sizes of other teachers in a similar assignment. The median class size should exceed 18 students.

Assigned classes should have regular class meetings to ensure frequency of contact with students. Each class should have a minimum of two class sessions per week.

Assigned classes must include English language learners and students with disabilities. At least one class section must have 15% representation of English language learners and/or students with special needs.

An on-site intern support provider will be selected and approved by the principal. The intern must receive a minimum of 2 to 4 hours of support and mentoring per week from the Support Provider, as well as a minimum of 2 evaluations per semester, and two observation forms.

Interns must receive the minimum number of hours of general support (144 hours/year) and specialized support for English Learners (45 hours/year) stipulated by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Intern teachers may not be assigned extra curricular responsibilities that conflict with classes at CSUMB. Further, intern teachers may not be assigned extracurricular responsibilities that impose a burden to a candidate who is employed full-time while enrolled in university courses. Extra curricular assignments should reflect the status of the intern as a pre-service teacher candidate meeting responsibilities to a university and an employer. Employing school districts must accept that intern teachers do not have the same capacities as first year teachers holding a preliminary credential.

Intern teachers must be matriculated students in the teacher credential program in good standing and making academic progress toward their preliminary credential. Candidates may not be interns if not concurrently enrolled in appropriate university course work.

Interns many not exceed 20% of full-time teachers employed at a participating school. Further, student schedules must ensure that secondary school students are not assigned to more than one intern teacher in a given academic term.

Additional Information

If you aren’t sure what subject or grade level you would like to teach, the Teach California website may be helpful:

Once you know what you want to teach, review our related credential program information at and reach out to our program personnel if you have questions.

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