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Candidates finishing the CSUMB Credential Programs take the edTPA assessment. Here are resources to assist you.

  • Go to edTPA website:

    Click on the Register now, in the "Candidates Box".

    edTPA homepage with circles on the "Candidates" and "Register now" options

    You will se the following screen. You can review the "Getting Started", "Candidate Policies", and "edTPA Registration Overview" if you choose. Otherwise, just click "next" at the bottom of the page. CSUMB does not have a voucher system to pay for edTPA.

    edTPA "Register" page

    You will be using Taskstream which is an "Integrated edTPA Platform Provider System".

    System Instructions page highlighting Integrated edTPA Platform Provider System

    Here are the directions for registering. It is important that you don't wait until the last minute. You need to allow several days for your files to upload into the Pearson system.

    "Integrated System Registration" page

    Click "Register Now" button

    "Required Candidate Information" page

    You will be asked to review the information and click "Submit".

    "Review Required Candidate Information" page

    Confirm your identity.

    "Identity Confirmation" page reminding to check the box option and click "Next"

    Select the correct assessment:

    • Elementary Education (National)
    • Secondary English-Language (National)
    • Secondary History/Social Studies (National)
    • Secondary Math (National)
    • World Language (National)
    • Special Education (National)

    Click "Add" and you will see your selection listed. Then click "Next".

    "Assessment Selection" page

    On the next page, choose California State University Monterey Bay, click "Add" and then "Next".

    Background Questions: Educator Preparation Program. "Add" CSUMB & click "Next"

    Next is a page confirming your earlier assessment selection. Please double check and then click "Next".

    "Background Questions: edTPA Field/Specialty Area." Elementary Education marked

    Continue by listing the grade level that most closely corresponds to the majority of students with whom your are working in your edTPA lessons. Click "Add" and then click "Next". On the following page, choose the appropriate School Context.

    "Background Questions: Classroom Grade Level" page
    "Background Questions: School Context" page with Rural/suburban bubble filled in

    Is any part of your lesson in a language other than English and indicate your primary language.

    "Background Questions: edTPA Language" page

    Ethnicity question

    "Background Questions: Ethnicity" page

    Education Level

    "Background Questions: Use of Materials" page
    "Background Questions: Student Information" page
    "Background Questions: English Language Proficiency" page

    For Multiple and Single Subject candidates, the answer here is "both of the above". For SPED candidates, the answer is "Educator Preparation Program Requirement".

    "Background Questions: Reason for Assessment" page

    Use of materials - you do not need to feel obligated to choose yes.

    "Background Questions: Highest Educational Level" page. Bachelor's Degree marked
    Clinical Experience page

    How would you like your scores? They will already be sent to CSUMB and the California Teacher Credential Commission

    Scores Info page

    The next page reviews your registration. Please look this over very carefully! Then click "Add to Cart". At this point, your fee is $300 and will be paid by credit card.

  • Candidates can check out an Ipad, Swivl, and/or microphone to assist them with their EdTPA video project using this form.

    Please fill out form first, then a Dept. of Education and Leadership Staff member will reach out to schedule the pick up.  If you have any questions, please contact Gina Lopez at



    Ipad for check-out



    Swivl for check-out



    Microphone for check-out