College of Education

Masters of Science in School Psychology

Clinic for Educational Supports

Affordable, comprehensive, and quality assessments for clients age 3 – 22 years as well as all CSUMB Students. All evaluations are performed by graduate students in the school psychology program under the supervision of credentialed school psychologists. This clinic serves the community as a setting for affordable counseling, academic intervention, and psycho-educational assessment services. The clinic will serve two primary functions for the community:

  • Provide comprehensive educational and psychological services for members of the community at a low cost.
  • Training site for the School Psychology master’s degree programs and CSUMB.

Clinic as a Training Facility

Psycho-educational testing services are provided by advanced graduate students in the School Psychology Program in the College of Education.

The clinic functions as a training center for graduate-level students while providing the community with accessible educational testing services. All school psychology students are supervised by appropriately credentialed, licensed, or trained faculty.

Typical Presenting Problems and Concerns

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Problems/ADHD
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Social/Emotional Difficulties
  • Difficulties in Academic Performance

Psycho-Educational Testing

  • Intelligence and achievement testing; Social, emotional, and behavioral screeners; In-depth testing in areas of concern and/or difficulty; Parent and child interviews; Teacher interviews and/or rating scales
  • Feedback sessions occur 4-6 weeks after the evaluation; Professional reports are provided at the time of feedback or about 4 weeks after the evaluation and include educational recommendations
  • Competitive fees with fee reductions available

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