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Cal State Apply - Application Tips

Need help navigating our application?

Under Personal Information Tab

Under Credentials:

  • Under Intern: CSUMB Does not require the Intern Application as part of the Application
  • Under Subject Matter/CSET: If you are receiving a subject matter waiver for CSET choose the subject you are getting the waiver in, choose passed, enter the date you will finish your waiver program
  • Under Personal Narrative: CSUMB does not require the personal Narrative. There will be an essay prompt under Program Materials

Under Academic History:

  • Under Transcript Entry: Credential & MAE + Credential Students do not need to enter their courses since you will be uploading an unofficial transcript in the Program Materials Section. You can choose I am not entering any college transcripts
  • Under Standardized Tests: You do not need to enter any standardized tests unless you are using SAT or ACT scores to cover your Basic Skills requirement in place of CSET. If you are please upload those scores both in standardized tests and in place of the CBEST exam in the supplemental materials section.

Under Supporting Information:

  • Under Experiences: Please only enter relevant experiences working with youth or children. We will also be asking for a resume in the Program Materials section so you can keep this brief.
  • Documents: Please upload All relevant Credential Documents.
    • CSUMB Does not require the Intern Application
    • If you have a subject Matter waiver please upload for Subject Matter/CSET
    • If you have signed up for an exam and have not received the results yet please upload your confirmation e-mail so we can see that it was scheduled.
    • If you have only partially passed an exam please upload the results you have so far.

Under Program Materials:

  • Under Documents: You only need to upload the documents relevant to your program as listed first in the documents section. Typically it’s the Essay, Unofficial Transcripts, Resume, and First Aid/CPR. Please ignore the other documents in the upload section below unless you are an international student who has been instructed to include them. (Example of documents not required: Bank Statements, passport, etc.)
  • Under Evaluation Forms:
    • This section takes the place of the letter of recommendation. If you already have a letter you want to include upload it under supplemental materials in the Document section of the Program Materials Tab
    • Evaluation forms going to a public school or district e-mail account might be blocked so please ask your references for personal e-mail address if possible.
  • Under Questions: If you are not an international student answer NA or it will look incomplete